Are Desmond and Callie mates?

Are Desmond and Callie mates?

Callie has finally reunited with her closest friend and soulmate Desmond Flynn, AKA King of Night, but she is still attempting to recover from the horrors she experienced while fleeing the Mad King, Karnon, from the first novel. However, their reunion is not all peace and happiness as they are both still suffering from lingering effects from their time spent with Karnon. Additionally, Callie's father Lulua is also alive and well and searching for his daughter. He eventually finds her and tries to kill her, but she survives his attack.

Desmond and Callie share a deep love for each other that goes beyond friendship and even family loyalty. They are truly one of life's perfect pairs and we can only hope that they get to live happily ever after.

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Will Brandon marry Callie?

After five seasons of conflict, Callie and Brandon did not end up together. They did what anyone would do in the real world: they moved on. The show flashes back to Callie and Brandon's love affair during the wedding. It turns out that everyone else knew about their relationship too, including Callie's father who did not approve.

In the last scene we see Callie and Brandon as adults. We know from previous episodes that Brandon has become a successful doctor while Callie is still working as a nurse. She tells him that she loves him and that he makes her happy.

This shows that even though Callie and Brandon didn't end up together, they have stayed close friends. This also proves that even though people may come into your life and leave them no matter how much you want them to stay, if they mean something special to you then you should keep them close at heart.

Do Callie and Brandon end up together?

Brandon and Callie After five seasons of conflict, Callie and Brandon did not end up together. But not before making their relationship interesting to watch.

Do Brandon and Callie get married?

Brandon has been in love with a cellist for many years. He asks her to marry him at her secret wedding site where they had their first date.

Unfortunately, her father doesn't approve of him and won't let her marry someone who works in a bookstore. So Callie leaves home to move in with Brandon. They start out living together but soon realize that they are meant for each other and should never have parted ways. So they set out to live together one final time before getting married.

During this last living together period, Callie finds out that she is pregnant. She tells Brandon that they should wait to get married until the baby is born but he wants to take advantage of being able to marry whoever they want now that DOMA has been overturned by the Supreme Court. So Callie gives in and they rush through the wedding ceremony. After the wedding, Callie realizes that she isn't ready to have a child right away and asks Brandon to leave. He agrees and they part ways as friends.

In the season six finale, it is revealed that Brandon has been hired by a wealthy family to be their son's guardian since they need the money.

Are DES and Callie mates?

Des and Callie are just where we left them at the end of Strange Hymn; Callie is now half Fae as a result of Des giving her lilac wine to save her life. This implies that A her and Des' mate link is complete (yay! ), but B she is now vulnerable to The Thief of Soul's spell (boo!).

However, given that she is now half Fae it's possible she could have caught Des' condition from him - he was only human at the time so this would have worked too. In fact, since she has Fae blood in her it's even more likely because there are some traits that can run in families even if you aren't aware of it. For example, I'm very sensitive to light flashes and my wife knows this about me. Even though we've never talked about it we know this trait runs in our family because one of her ancestors was also sensitive to light.

So, assuming Des has saved Callie's life twice now they must be connected somehow. Since he gave her wine the first time it's possible that he bonded with her through their connection with his band, much like how I bonded with my wife. However, since he saved her again without drinking any himself maybe there is another way they can bond? Either way, they seem pretty tight so I'd say they're probably mates.

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