Are Mike and Robert on Salvage Dawgs related?

Are Mike and Robert on Salvage Dawgs related?

In 1999, Robert and his friend Mike Whiteside founded the firm in Roanoak, Virginia. The program, Salvage Dawgs, is based entirely on Black Dog Salvage and premiered on November 8, 2012. Tay Whiteside-Black Dog Salvage and I are not related, and we are not dating. He's just a great guy to work with.

Mike is the son of Delmar "Del" Whiteside, who was the co-owner of Black Dog Salvage with Robert's father Bill. Mike worked for Black Dog before starting his own salvage business in 2003. He also has an uncle named Taylor who works at Black Dog as well. So there are quite a few Whitesides working at Black Dog now.

Salvage Dawgs follows the adventures of two friends as they travel around the country salvaging old vehicles. They have no boss and make all their money themselves by selling parts off their truck and at car shows.

I think if you look at the family tree on Black Dog's website, you can see that most of the people involved in Salvage Dawgs are related to one another or work together. It's really a big salvage yard family affair!

And yes, Mike is married to Robert's sister Ashley. They have two children together named Cooper and Reese.

Are the Salvage Dawgs married?

They are the co-founders of the enterprise Black Dog Salvage. The short answer is that yes, the reality star is married. Tay, her crewmate and buddy, reported on a live broadcast for the Black Dog Salvage Crew that they had just returned from Grayson's wedding. The wedding took place in Georgia with close friends and family watching.

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After retiring from the FBI, Corey worked as a security guard while trying to find a way to make money online.

How many kids does Robert from Salvage Dawgs have?

Over the years, the wonderful couple has had three children. Robert has three lovely girls, and he is extremely vocal about them on social media. Caroline Kulp is his youngest daughter. In 2016, the young kid made her debut on Salvage Dawgs in season 6. She is also one of two characters to appear in every episode of the show.

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Here's how many kids do each member of DFTBA stand for? - Robert and Carolyn are the parents of three daughters: Emma, Elizabeth and Caroline.

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