Can a Brahmin girl marry a JAAT boy?

Can a Brahmin girl marry a JAAT boy?

What are the chances of a Jat male marrying a Brahmin girl? Yes, a brahmin lady can marry a jaat guy if she cannot find a decent brahmin guy like Priyank Sharma, Sundar Pichai, Siddharth Shukla, Sachin Tendulkar, Jubin Nath, and so on. I'm only joking! The chances are very little. Actually, it's zero because both the families will not agree to this marriage.

The only exception is if the girl is already married to a jat guy. In that case, the previous husband has to give his consent for the marriage to take place.

Even then, the marriage would be considered invalid because the girls family wouldn't accept it. There have been cases where young brahmin women were forced to marry jats because there were no suitable brahmin men around. In such cases, the jat boys would send them back to their parents home after marrying them.

With respect to income, both the families should be comfortable with each other's status. If the father of the girl has no money, then she can't be married off to someone who is rich too. And if the father of the boy is poor, then he shouldn't marry up to rich brides because then how will he be able to afford expensive things?

In fact, it is difficult for a jat guy to get married because there are hardly any brahmin girls left in the community.

Can a Brahmin marry a Jatt?

Brahmins typically allow their offspring to marry outside their caste if the spouse is Baniya, Rajput, or Punjabi. It is quite unusual beyond that. Because Brahmins consider Jats to be'shudra,' your parents will not allow their daughter to marry you. I've seen that in my friend's community as well, where marriage was forbidden. The only exception is if the Jat woman's family accepts the Brahmin bridegroom.

In fact, there are cases on record of Brahmins marrying Jatts. In 1866, a young man named Umesh Chand entered into such a marriage with a Jatt girl named Ram Kumari. They were both from the same village and had always been friends but never thought of each other as more than that until one day when Umesh saw Ram walking along with another boy. He asked her why she was married and she told him that her father had arranged the marriage because she could earn money to help support the family.

Umesh decided he wanted to marry her too so he went to see Ram's father and offered him money in exchange for his daughter's hand in marriage. But the Jatt refused. He said that since they were from different castes it was impossible. However, after some time, he changed his mind and agreed to the marriage.

The two families then met and agreed on a date for the wedding but just before it happened, Umesh's father died.

Can a non-Brahmin girl marry a Brahmin boy?

Is it possible for a Brahmin girl to marry a non-Brahmin boy? In India, the caste system has been abolished. If both the guy and the girl agree, anybody can marry anyone. Modern Brahmin households support their children's marriages to people of any caste. It is only when it comes to finding a good job that the son-in-law's background becomes relevant.

However, the marriage would be considered invalid by the society at large. The parents of the bride would not approve of the marriage and might even try to break it off. Alternatively, the groom's family could decide to accept the marriage but only after making certain demands of them. For example, the boys own family might want there sons to marry girls from a family more established than their own. Or perhaps they require the couple to live with them for some time before marrying.

Even if the marriage is legal, it doesn't mean that it will last forever. Sometimes, families use this method as leverage in order to get something out of their children (such as money). Even so, such a marriage would be considered valid by law.

In short, yes, a Brahmin girl can marry a non-Brahmin boy. But it isn't recommended because most likely the marriage won't last long enough for either party to learn anything from the other. Also, the all-important approval of the parents needs to be taken into account.

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