Can a broken man love you?

Can a broken man love you?

A man who has been emotionally abused can still love. He has more love to give than any other man you will ever meet. He's just being extra cautious about who he invites into his life. That is what distinguishes him!

He may not be able to trust anyone with his heart, but that doesn't mean he doesn't want to be loved. In fact, he wants it more than anything else in the world. He just has no choice but to guard his heart because he's had so much pain and suffering in his life. If you ask him to trust you, he might do it someday if he feels safe. For now, he trusts only himself. That's why he needs to be loved anyway. His self-esteem is too low to allow for others to also loving him.

If you try to force him to love you back then you won't get very far. Even if he says he loves you, he might be lying to protect you. He's seen how people abuse and misuse others' love so he avoids it at all costs.

The truth is, he may love you even though he can't show it right now. But that doesn't mean he shouldn't be allowed time to process things before he makes such an important decision. Give him time to come to terms with everything first. Once he's ready, he'll let you know.

How to love a man who has never been truly loved?

To love a guy who has never been genuinely loved is to choose to be his staunchest supporter and ally. It's wanting to be both his best friend and his lover. Although we may educate him about love, he will teach us about life—this balance is essential for love to thrive. Love isn't just feeling something - it is also thinking something else and doing something else. When you love someone, you want what is good for them even if it means sacrificing yourself.

Love is not blind. If a person has never been loved, they will never know what love is. They might think that loving them means being subject to their every desire and whim without question or protest. That kind of love isn't real love - it is slavery. To truly love a person requires freedom and selflessness. It requires seeing their beauty even when they struggle with pain or loss. It means standing by them through good times and bad. Only then will they return your love.

So how do you show a person who has never been loved that you care? You start by being there for them whenever they need you. Give them the opportunity to talk about their feelings without judgment. Listen carefully to what they have to say. It may help them to know that you understand where they're coming from even if you can't agree with their choices.

After showing an interest in them over time, you can then try and find ways to make them feel special.

What does it mean to be a broken man?

A damaged guy is just someone who, no matter how desperately he wants to, can't trust as readily, can't give as much, and can't offer his heart as totally as he once could. A broken man is one who has been through such trauma that he is no longer capable of sustaining any form of loving relationship.

Broken men are often used as the basis for stories in magazines and newspapers. These articles usually focus on the recovery of the broken man. They may also look at the causes of human breakdown from both inside and outside the person suffering it.

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