Can a guy like you more than a friend?

Can a guy like you more than a friend?

That's love, I tell you. Even if that unpleasant buddy happens to be a guy who is passionately in love with you and you don't feel the same way. This man could just be nice enough to have some bro time with your pal to show how much he cares about you. Maybe he'll even let you tag along if he decides to go looking for love somewhere else. There are many possibilities with this type of relationship, but only one thing is for sure: it's not love as we know it.

Is it okay to be friends with someone who likes you while in a relationship?

Yes, this is feasible, but it has the potential to be pretty nasty to the other person. I previously had a friendship like this. I was in love with a close male friend who was not interested in me. It's a parasitic connection that exists because the lovelorn buddy wishes to be closer to the object of his or her devotion. However, over time we grew out of the stage where we needed each other as friends and he moved on to explore other relationships. I found this out after we stopped being friends - which wasn't easy since we'd been through so much together.

The important thing is that you are both aware of what type of relationship you are in, and that you don't keep sneaking around behind each other's backs. If one of you decides they no longer want to be friends then it's best left undisturbed until it can be resolved peacefully.

When are you more than friends or just friends?

If you find yourself becoming irritated with a buddy while they are having a wonderful time with someone else, there's a big probability you're more than pals, or you're extremely possessive. Friendship groups get together in the evenings or on weekends. Is it simply the two of you when you meet your particular buddy, or do you have other friends with you? If so, you're more than buddies.

Buddies go beyond being good friends. They want to have fun together and give each other support when needed. If you're always busy with work or school, you might not think you need friends like that. But believe me, every person needs friendship like that. You should try to make time for your friends every day, whether it's for ten minutes or an hour.

You're more than buddies if you enjoy being together and have a great time whenever you see each other. Sometimes people take their friendships for granted, but others could use some help realizing they deserve better than just being your friend. If you feel like you're more than buddies, then there's a good chance you're actually in love.

Do you love your best friend more than your normal friend?

Love is a raging flame of friendship. It is characterized by silent understanding, mutual trust, sharing, and forgiveness. It is dedication in both good and terrible times. It accepts less than perfection and makes concessions for human flaws. Would you take the risk if you discovered that your best male buddy liked you more than a friend? Yes! Because friendship comes with the package deal - there cannot be one without the other.

Best friends are an important part of our lives because we can talk to them about anything and they won't judge us. They know us better than anyone else does and they understand us better too. No matter how old you get or what happens in life, your best friend will always be there for you.

Have you ever heard the saying "friends till death do us part"? In other words, your best friend is your friend until death takes one of you away from the other. At that point, you will need to find new friends because your first friend will be very sad but he/she will get over it eventually.

It's normal to have different levels of friendship with different people. For example, you might have a best friend who you see often but not as frequently as others. Or perhaps you have some friends who you see regularly but not as close as others.

As long as you remain true to your friends, they will always be there for you.

Can you be friends with a guy who loves you?

Being friends with someone who is in love with you is the same as being friends with someone who isn't. You should be frank and honest in both circumstances, and unwanted touching is still wrong. Being friends with someone who loves you, in my experience, causes pain for both of you.

If you willfully remain "friends" with someone who is in love with you and you are aware of that fact, and that person does not expressly and plainly realize that he has no chance of ever gaining you, then yes, you are leading him on. Love and friendship are inseparable!

Can a friend be attracted to the same guy?

If this is true for humans on some subconscious level, it's likely you're attracted to the same person because your friend is. This is simply a theory, and we now behave quite differently from our animal counterparts. But, in any event, consider this: did you see this person initially, or was it your friend?

If this is the case, my recommendation is to look for someone else. You could even enlist his assistance. After all, he'd probably love to match you up with one of his guy pals if he loves you as a buddy. In any case, the following are indications that he appreciates and admires you as a buddy but isn't searching for anything more.

Do you love your friends more than your boyfriend?

Unfortunately for anyone who was legitimately concerned about the possibility of this happening, a new study discovered that your guy does, in fact, love his buddies more than you. The study found that men rate their friendship with other men as most important in their lives. Next comes their relationship with their wife or girlfriend (for some reason), then children, and finally work.

So if your man doesn't seem to care much about you anymore, he's probably just sad that Pete got shot last week. Forget about him; go out with his friends instead.

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