Can a guy talk to me if he has a girlfriend?

Can a guy talk to me if he has a girlfriend?

No The nature of my job necessitates that I converse with people and so be social. However, if this indicates that I am overly friendly, the quality of a "serious" relationship is called into doubt. If he has a girlfriend, he should devote his attention and efforts to her. If he is conversing with you in a foreign language, Loading...

Can we be friends if he has a girlfriend?

Yes, it is possible to be friends with a guy who has a girlfriend. The prerequisite is that you have complete respect for her role as girlfriend. Don't tell him private jokes, and don't confide in him and expect him to conceal secrets from his girlfriends; don't plan trips that exclude her. It's also important to remember that she's there too, so don't do or say anything to make her feel bad about herself or her relationship.

It's not easy being friends with the boys, but it is possible. You'll need to give up some privacy - he can see you in the bathroom when you need to pee, for example - but other than that, you should be able to live your lives without any problems from him or his friends.

He's not going to want to be friends with you at first. He's probably going to try to get rid of you. If he still doesn't want to hang out with you then that's fine too. Just don't take it personally; he probably just wants to be alone right now. A few hours here or there aren't going to matter much over time.

You should both feel free to talk about your relationships with other people. If someone else bothers him, let him know about it. He may even want to find out about those people so he knows what not to invite back into his life.

Is it wrong to hang out with a guy who has a girlfriend?

Is it okay for me to get out with a guy who has a girlfriend? Yes, of sure, as long as you don't have romantic feelings for him and regard the hangout as totally platonic, with the potential to be friends with his girlfriend as well. If you like him too much or think he might break up with her one day, then no, it's not okay.

If he doesn't involve you in any way while he's out with his girlfriend, then there's no problem as long as you don't want to be friends with him outside of hanging out together.

Of course, if you do want to be friends with him even after he tells you that he has a girlfriend, then this is another story...

In general, if you feel uncomfortable about hanging out with him even though he has a girlfriend, then it's probably best not to bother. No one wants a friend who feels forced to spend time with them when there's someone else around if they don't want to.

However, if he treats your friendship equally to how he treats her, then there's nothing wrong with hanging out together as long as you don't want to be more than just good friends.

Should I text him if he has a girlfriend?

Yes, but keep in mind that boundaries must be respected. Having a man buddy when he has a girlfriend is no different from having a guy friend while he's single—as long as you don't insult his girlfriend or your relationship status with her.

If he tells you not to text him, then don't do it. He may not want his ex to see the messages or have other people involved in his life when he's with you. If this bothers you, then don't send him texts. It's as simple as that.

Texting isn't always about love. Sometimes guys text girls they're dating or interested in to get back at women or put them in their place. This is called "bonding over jealousy". It can be done properly or inappropriately. Appreciate your guy friends by showing them some love and let them know what you think of them even if you aren't texting them directly.

It's best to ask permission before sending a buddy message. If he doesn't want you to text him, then don't do it. Even if he seems to like it when you two are hanging out, there's no need to push your luck.

Should I talk to a guy who has a girlfriend?

You can keep conversing with a guy who has a girlfriend. It all depends on what you're talking about with him, whether his girlfriend is okay with it, whether the guy has enough time to chat to you, and whether you're feeling weird in this setting. If you really want to know if he's ready to break up with her, then ask directly.

In general, guys don't like to talk about their relationships. So if he brings it up first, that means he's interested in hearing your opinion on the matter. He might even be willing to see other people if you give him good reasons to do so. You can also help the situation by giving him space if he wants it. Don't pressure him into breaking up with her immediately after you start chatting with him. Give him time to process everything that you've said.

If you really want to know for sure if he's ready to dump her, then ask directly. However, if you open with something like "Do you want to break up?" he'll most likely say no. So instead, try saying something like "It seems like you two are getting along well. Do you think you could see where it goes?" He should be able to agree to this without hurting her feelings too much. If he says yes, then go ahead and end the conversation right away so he can get back to work/study/play video games etc.

Can you be friends with a guy who has a girlfriend?

Both yes and no. It depends on how confident and trustworthy this male buddy and his present girlfriend are of one another, in my view; you should not be friends with him if you have emotions beyond "just friends," as this is utterly disrespectful of his girlfriend's sentiments and relationship with this male friend.

Unfortunately, just because a person already has a partner doesn't mean he won't want to do the dirty on the side with someone else. Here are some of the reasons he could be interested in you as a "side piece." Although he has a girlfriend, he flirts with you. Why? Most likely because he is bored.

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