Can I be clingy?

Can I be clingy?

It's fairly unusual for folks to be clingy and needy because they're envious or concerned about their partner's faithfulness or potential adultery. For example, if you're concerned about your partner's friendship with a gorgeous coworker, you may insist on messaging him or her throughout the day. This would be clingingness borne of jealousy.

Clinging can also happen when someone is trying to protect themselves by being overly protective of you. For example, if your partner doesn't want anyone to know they're dating someone else, they might hide the fact from others by taking you along on dates or going out with friends instead of having parties or going on trips by themselves. This would be an attempt to protect themselves by keeping you close to them.

Last but not least, clinging can be an important part of love when one person is looking for assurance that they are still loved even though they have been distant from their partner. If you've ever been in a relationship where one person kept dreaming of living in different cities and getting married but didn't actually tell their mate that they were leaving, then you know what I mean. In this case, the person who was seeking assurance that they were still loved was really looking for trust and confidence that their partner still wanted them even though they had given no indication of this previously.

In short, clinging can be a good thing in relationships if it is used appropriately.

Is being clingy good in a relationship?

Many of us are clinging at times, especially during the beginning of a new relationship. While clinginess may have been "OK" in your prior relationship, being too needy is widely seen as a destructive dating behavior. Clinging people often don't accept "no" for an answer and will keep trying to get their needs met through excessive attention and involvement.

Being clingy can be good when it comes to security issues. If you're worried that someone might hurt you, then needing them close by means that they can't physically harm you. This security should not be used as an excuse to be a micromanager or a control freak though; being clingy about something that doesn't matter much makes both you and your partner feel insecure.

The best way to deal with clinginess is to figure out what's going on inside the mind of the clinger. Are they afraid that you'll leave if they don't show interest right away? Maybe they just want to make sure that you're still interested once all the excitement of the new relationship has worn off? Only you know the answers to these questions. But whatever the case may be, try not to take them too seriously; maybe next time they'll do something amazing that will show you how much they care.

Is being too clingy toxic?

When everything feels new and exciting, and you can't wait to see each other again, While clinginess may have been "OK" in your prior relationship, being too needy is widely seen as a destructive dating behavior. Being too dependent makes someone feel used and abused. It's important to be aware of how you make your partner feel, and if you're not sure if you're sending the right messages, ask them what they think.

Why is clinginess bad?

It's bad for you. People cling because they are insecure, therefore it benefits neither the clinging person nor the person being clutched to. In the event of a love connection, this is unquestionably negative. It does not make them a horrible person, but it is not a good behavior to foster.

Healthy people lose interest in each other. They may feel distant or uninterested at times, but that doesn't mean that they are going to cling to each other. If someone is trying to cling to you but you aren't feeling it, then you have some self-respect and don't want to hurt their feelings by telling them to go away.

People who are weak or insecure need to be cared for always. They need constant reassurance from others that they are loved and valuable. Clinging behaviors are a way for these people to get what they need and still feel safe and secure.

The phrase "it's unhealthy to hold on to someone" is very true. If you try to cling to a person who doesn't feel the same way, you will only cause them pain. Don't be a victim! Stop acting like a baby and grow up!

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