Can I be friends with an ex I'm still in love with?

Can I be friends with an ex I'm still in love with?

If you actually like spending time together and have a lot of same interests, hobbies, and friends, that's just fine. Just make sure you're not substituting a platonic friendship for your love relationship simply because it's simpler to keep them in your life that way. It's not healthy or normal.

The only requirement for being friends with an ex is that you need to be able to honestly say that you're not involved with each other anymore. If you're still loving him/her even though they no longer belong to you, then you have problem that needs addressing before you can move on.

It's natural to still care about someone you cared about deeply. But unless you learn to love again, you'll never be happy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get out of the unhappy situation you're in now and find a new relationship that will give you the happiness and contentment you deserve.

Is it OK to hang out with an ex while in a relationship?

"Being platonic friends with an ex is absolutely OK (after a little of cooling off time), as long as you respect boundaries, don't push your partner to hang out with your ex, and let everyone know there's no prospect of reconciliation," says online dating specialist Julie Spira.

If you're hanging out with an ex who doesn't know that you're in a relationship, it's time to step up and tell them. Tell them why you like being around them even though things aren't romantic, and give honest feedback when asked. Also be sure to keep things lighthearted and avoid discussing serious issues between you two.

It's perfectly acceptable to hang out with former partners if you're in a friendly relationship after something ended badly before. It shows that you're willing to put the past behind you and move on, which is important if you want to create new memories together or not drive your partner crazy with constant reminders of your "relationship" history.

Exes can also provide a distraction from a new relationship if you find yourself getting too deep too fast. If you feel like you need some space or time apart, then having an old friend to go hang out with will not hurt anything.

Finally, if you have children from your previous relationship, an ex can act as a good role model for them.

What should I do if my ex is still in my life?

However, when it comes to having an ex in your SO's life, it's crucial to remember that limits are everything. According to online dating guru Julie Spira, being platonic friends with an ex (after some cooling off time) is perfectly OK, as long as you maintain boundaries... and let everyone know there's no hope of reunion.

If you're still close with someone who had an affair, it can be hard not to compare the two relationships. You might think that if your partner was happy with the other woman then there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to move on too. But if they haven't addressed their issues with you, it may be difficult to believe that they could change and find true love with someone else.

It's natural to want to know what happened between your partner and the other woman/man. However, unless they tell you they're looking for a relationship, you don't need to worry about them. They're free to live their lives how they see fit and you should respect this by leaving them alone.

Is it okay to stay friends with someone you just broke up with?

Remaining friends with someone with whom you had a life might impede your capacity to move on to a meaningful and suitable relationship with someone else, especially if you consciously or unconsciously wish to get back together with them. Being friendly with a former love interest is not a problem as long as you do not plan to act on the friendship.

If you truly want to remain friends after breaking up with someone, then that person is worth keeping in your life. Otherwise, why would you have stayed friends in the first place? Keep in mind that when you break up with someone, you are giving them permission to stop being part of your life. If they don't understand this fact then they may feel rejected even though you did not intend to reject them.

The only time remaining friends with a former love interest is problematic is if you plan to act on the friendship. For example, if they call you all the time wanting to hang out again then that's going too far. You should be able to walk away from such a friendship without any consequences other than missing someone who was important to you at one point.

It is perfectly acceptable to remain friends with ex-lovers. However, if you expect these friendships to result in something more then they are not really friendships but infatuations which are very difficult to maintain over time.

Can two people who love each other be just friends?

Yes, it's entirely conceivable. A child or a pet is often the glue that holds this bond together. If neither exists, it may indicate that one of you still has residual feelings for the other and want to keep up with them. It's also feasible if you were friends before being romantically attached. Sometimes known as a friend with benefits, this type of relationship can be mutually beneficial with no intentions of changing things around. Finally, it's possible that one of you was once very close to the other but they fell out over something trivial and haven't spoken since.

In short, yes, two people who love each other can be just friends. In fact, it's likely that at least one of you wants the other person to be only their friend because they find the idea of being just friends too difficult to deal with.

The only thing that can stop two people who love each other from becoming more than friends is if one of them changes their mind for some reason. Maybe the other person feels like it's going too far not to be more than friends now. Or maybe they feel like it's gone far enough that their love should be recognized by everyone involved. No matter what the case may be, if one person decides that they don't want to be just friends anymore then the friendship is over.

As long as both of you are on board with this type of relationship then you should have no problems moving forward.

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