Can I romance Liara and Miranda?

Can I romance Liara and Miranda?

So, yeah, in ME2, you may romance them both. But be cautious if you want to return to Liara in ME3. Miranda will not survive Priority: Horizon no matter what you do if you break up with her. If you don't lock in Liara as your LI before talking to Miranda, it won't qualify as a breakup. However, if you do lock in Liara after talking to Miranda, she will not be able to join you on Mars.

Also note that if you decide to stay with Miranda instead of breaking up with her, she will not survive the mission. You have been warned!

Miranda's loyalty is very strong - even towards people who leave her for dead. So make sure you're ready to put some time into training her before you go ahead and commit to staying together.

Liara can be trained just like any other companion but remember that she's more interested in your career than anything else. So make sure you give her missions that are good for your character progression.

She's also got two conversations available to her. The first one is called "We Need to Talk" and it'll cost you 100 credits to open up this conversation option. The second one is called "I'm Sorry" and it'll cost you 250 credits to use it. So if you haven't given her enough attention over the years, then this might be something that you need to work on before moving on to another companion.

How can I continue my romance with Miranda?

To continue a romance with Miranda, you must import a ME2 save file from when the two of you were together. You may confirm your connection when you rejoin, and then meet in private...

Miranda will remember you if you help her out of trouble or give her advice. She's not exactly friendly, but she doesn't hate you like Viceroy Dyson does either. If you want to continue the relationship, import a ME2 save file so that you can continue where you left off.

If you don't have a ME2 save file, don't worry about it. It's not necessary to keep the relationship going because ME3 will reactivate your character's romance with Miranda even if you don't have a ME2 save file. However, if you want to go further with her, importing a save file is the only way to do it.

When you meet again after rejoining, you'll have a chance to resolve any issues between you. This will also be an opportunity for you to persuade her to leave Los Angeles and come live with you on Earth. If she agrees, you'll both receive a copy of the Renegade Armor upgrade at a discount!

Can you romance two people in ME3?

In ME3, you can romance anyone, regardless of your prior romantic decisions. If you romance someone in ME1 and another in ME2, both will inquire about the other individual, at which point you may either break up with them or string them along even more. You may "like" numerous persons here. There is no consequence to this action beyond some cosmetic changes to their character page.

The only person you cannot romance more than once is Anderson Shaw. If you do so, he will complain about his girlfriend/wife being flirtatious with others and move on. However, if you kill him, then you can romance whoever you want multiple times.

In addition, you can also fall in love with aliens, robots, and humans all at once! All relationships are equal in terms of how they affect your standing with the Alliance or the Salarian Empire. If you choose to marry one of them, you can divorce them anytime after you wake up from your mission sleep mode.

Finally, remember that you can like someone without kissing them first. This method is useful for quickly gaining respect from powerful individuals or for simply trying something new.

Have fun romancing everyone you can!

Can you romance Jack and Miranda?

Mass Effect 2's Jack's Romance This will have no effect on the main romance you are pursuing with Miranda or Tali, so they can be merged. When you return to Normandy after completing both Jack and Miranda's loyalty tasks, the two of them will be fighting. You can still fight them both at once by selecting either one of them then hitting X to activate their battle scene. If you want to win more easily, switch back and forth between them until both are defeated.

Can you romance both Jack and Miranda?

Yes, you can merge your romance with both characters. The only problem is that neither one will talk to you unless you complete their respective loyalty missions first. But since these missions don't affect your main character's story line in any way, you can finish them up while continuing to pursue a relationship with her/him. Once finished, you will receive a message from either character congratulating you on finishing their task and giving you permission to continue your romance.

Can I marry Jack and Miranda?

Yes, but you won't be able to interact with either one of them until you complete their respective loyalty missions. However, since these missions don't affect your main character's story line in any way, you can finish them up while continuing to pursue a marriage with her/him.

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