Can you fall in love with your best friend?

Can you fall in love with your best friend?

Someone who falls in love with their closest friend, for example, may discover their long-standing platonic affection become passionate and sexually charged virtually overnight. Of course, even if there is no romantic or sexual desire, the love you have for friends, or platonic love, may be rather intense. It's normal to feel deep feelings of loyalty and devotion towards your friends.

In ancient Greece, a person could be sentenced to death for falling in love with their best friend. The idea that someone could be so enamored with a non-sexual relationship was strange enough back then. Now that we know about other kinds of love, such as familial and romantic love, it isn't so surprising that people would feel this way about friends. After all, they often provide us with support when we need it most and stand by us through good times and bad.

People have always had an affinity for their close friends. Friends help us deal with the challenges of life: school problems, quarrels with parents, financial difficulties. They can also provide much-needed emotional support during happy times and sad occasions. A friend is someone with whom we share our secrets, who knows us well enough to tell us when we're being irrational or inconsiderate, and who loves us regardless of how we act.

According to research conducted at Yale University, individuals can experience different types of love for different friends.

Do best friends end up falling in love?

It is not common for people to fall in love with their friends, but it may happen. Although it is typical for close friends to love one another in a platonic friendship manner, this does not imply that exceptional friendships will inevitably develop romantic sentiments or fall in love. Sometimes circumstances beyond our control such as the death of a friend can lead to us finding ourselves developing feelings we would have never imagined feeling.

When two people become very close friends, there is an opportunity for them to learn about each other's lives and grow together. This can lead to them developing feelings for one another but it isn't necessarily true. Some people believe that if two people are too close to be just friends they will eventually start feeling something for one another, while others think it is just a natural progression of becoming close with someone.

If you are lucky enough to find yourself in this situation then don't worry about what type of relationship you have with your friend, just focus on being their friend first and foremost. If they feel the same way about you then you will know it.

Can a best friend confess her love to you?

My dearest buddy declared her undying love for me. So, what now? Best friends have a bond unlike any other, but the key to any friendship is that it is purely platonic. As these 17 people learned, that link may sometimes blur the lines between friends and affections.

The list of names below are real people who have found love among their best friends. Some couples had been together for many years before they discovered that they were both living breathing humans with feelings. Others came to realize their love only after they had gone through some tough times together. Still others got hit by a car one day and decided to start a new life together. No matter how or why they met, every single person on this list found love among their best friends.

The first couple was Elizabeth Blackwell and William Lloyd Garrison. They were childhood friends who grew up together in Boston, Massachusetts. Blackwell was the daughter of a wealthy doctor while Garrison was born into poverty but managed to go to Harvard University where he became an influential abolitionist. He was 33 years old when she agreed to marry him. The pair had a happy marriage for almost 70 years until Garrison's death in 1893.

Blackwell went on to have four children with her husband. She became one of the first women to receive an M.D. and opened a medical practice in New York City. She also played a major role in establishing several educational institutions for women.

Can you fall in love with a long-time friend?

Though not all friends have an unique affection for one another, it is possible to fall in love with a friend. It happens frequently, and many people remark that the move from friendship to love is rather easy. So, certainly, your best male friend's friendship may blossom into a sexual connection.

However, only do so if both parties are aware of this development. If you feel like your friend is becoming more than just a friend but he or she does not want the same thing, then it's time to shift positions. Avoid getting too close to someone who doesn't want the same thing. You have a duty toward yourself to ensure your own happiness first and foremost; otherwise, you will never be able to give to anyone else.

Also, remember that love between friends doesn't mean that they can't also love each other in some way. Sometimes, two friends may even start dating each other without you knowing about it. This is normal too! Just because you two are friends doesn't mean that you can't also have a sexual relationship together. Love knows no bounds!

Finally, remember that friendships come and go but love remains forever. So don't get too close to someone if they aren't willing to get close back. And also remember that love is not measurable; therefore, you cannot say for sure how much you love someone until you no longer need to say it with words.

Is it a good idea to fall in love with your best friend?

It's OK to feel love because of the trust you share with your closest friend, but that doesn't imply you're in love. The longer you've been friends, the more secure your connection will be. There are many things that excellent friends can accomplish that romantic partners cannot. You'll know when you have something special because you won't want to let your friend down.

If you're already in a relationship, there is no need to worry about your friendship being ruined by feelings of love. Your partner should be able to understand how important it is for you to stay close with your friend. If they don't, perhaps they aren't the right person for you.

Love comes in different forms. It can be admiration, respect, compassion, and gratitude, just to name a few. Friends can give and receive these emotions without ever saying a word. They can do this through actions; for example, if your friend sees you struggling with a problem, they might help you out even though they're not required to. This shows that they care about you and your well-being.

When you feel love for someone, you want to see them happy and successful. You want them to be alive even after you stop seeing them every day. These are all signs that you're in love and not just friends.

Love is an amazing thing. It can heal us when we think it can't be saved.

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