Can you go back to being friends with your ex?

Can you go back to being friends with your ex?

While it may seem impossible to be friends with an ex again (particularly shortly after a split), establishing a real and lasting friendship with an ex is frequently possible—as long as you do it for the correct reasons. It all boils down to time, respect, politeness, and a commitment not to make things strange. If you give them their space and don't try to force the issue, you will most likely be able to go back to being friends with your ex.

Can you be friends with an ex who dumped you?

It is possible to be friends immediately after a split, although it is uncommon. "Yes, it is possible to be friends with an ex shortly after the split," Celia Schweyer, dating specialist at Dating Scout, tells Elite Daily. "However, it is not a good idea because there are still feelings involved and you don't want to force your friend to feel these feelings again."

Being friends after a breakup can be beneficial because you do not have to talk about your ex all the time or worry about what label to put them under. But at the same time, you do not want to forget that they broke up with you, so showing them some attention out of respect for their time would be appropriate.

Being friends after a breakup cannot hurt either party because there are no pressures on either side. You do not have to act like everything is fine when it isn't, and they do not have to act like they are still in love with you when they aren't. The only thing that will be affected is how often you see each other which is usually not very often.

Being friends after a breakup does not mean that you have to stay friends forever. If you both decide that this relationship is not working out and you want to move on, then you should probably stop seeing each other. Otherwise, you might cause more pain than happiness.

Is it okay to be friends with your ex if you were friends before?

It is possible to be friends with an ex if your motives are honest. Many of us do not want or believe it is feasible to be friends with a former partner, but it is achievable with the correct communication. Security-based interactions resulted in the highest-quality friendships.

It is recommended that you give friendship a try before taking it further. See how things go between you both and decide based on that whether you should be more than friends.

Exes can be good sources of support for each other when dealing with issues such as breakups. However, this does not mean that they should be together again even though they have split up. If one of them feels like there is still something missing from their relationship, they should talk about it with their partner so they are not hurting each other unintentionally.

Being friends with your ex can be beneficial if it helps you move on with your life. Consider what type of relationship you had with your ex before deciding if this is appropriate. Was it a romantic relationship? Did you spend a lot of time with him/her? Were there feelings involved? If you weren't romantically interested in your ex before the breakup, then there is no need to worry about being friends afterwards. It is perfectly normal to want to keep certain relationships separate; especially if any romance remains between you both.

Can you be friends with an ex from years ago?

It has less to do with your marital status and more to do with the specific situations of your ex, your partner, and yourself. Being friends with an ex might be quite normal at times. You either dated a long time ago or your relationship was never very serious, so the transition was simple. On other occasions, it's better if you don't go around friendship circles with an ex.

Being friendly with your ex can be problematic when one or both of you change personality traits over time. Your old friend may no longer find you amusing, and vice versa. Sometimes people have a hard time letting go even after a breakup. If this describes you or your ex, then being friendly with each other isn't worth the pain that it causes you both.

The only person who can really decide if being friends with an ex is a good idea or not is that individual himself or herself. Everyone else is just guessing what will happen in the future.

Being friendly with an ex can be useful at times. For example, you might want to check out what kind of jobs are available in the area where your ex lives. Or you might want to give him or her a call when you start a new job. However, you should never let being friends with an ex interfere with your current relationship. Letting go of the past is important for any healthy relationship today and into the future.

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