Did Ron cheat on lavender?

Did Ron cheat on lavender?

The Ron-Lavender romance was not aided by a love potion. Ron didn't even think of her as a human being with emotions, let alone love her. Instead, he used magic to make himself feel better about himself and his life.

When Ron was a young wizard who did not know any better, he used magic to try to make himself feel better when he was having problems with his work or his co-workers. This led him to create a charm spell that could be ordered through the Wizarding Wireless Network. The charm spell made its weaver feel good for a few hours after it was used and it helped people deal with their problems more effectively for a while. However, because it gave false hope to its weavers, most people eventually got tired of the charm spell and went looking for something else to solve their problems. Some weavers decided to sell their charms online so they could buy luxury items or go on vacation. Others just stopped feeling bad about themselves and started thinking about other things.

When Ron found out about this, he were furious! He thought it was wrong for people to trade away their feelings for money. So, he decided to put an end to this practice by creating a charm that would never run out no matter how many times it was used.

Did Lavender give Ron a love potion?

Did Lavender Brown use a love potion on Ron Weasley while they were dating in year 6? No Romelda Vane was the only person in Year 6 who used a love potion on Ron. And that was all by chance. When she gave him a bottle of her father's old medicine, he drank it instead of his usual cup of hot chocolate and fell deeply in love with her.

Lavender and Ron met when she helped him find his lost cat. They soon started dating and became very much in love. However, things didn't last long because Ron was already in a relationship with Hermione Granger at the time. When Ron broke up with Hermione, he started seeing Lavender again. But then, Ron got scared that if he stayed with Lavender, he might actually fall in love with her again and so he ended their relationship for good this time around.

However, later on, it is revealed that Ron has still been in contact with Lavender through letters they send to each other. So it can be assumed that even though he hasn't spoken to her face-to-face yet, he still loves her enough to write about it years later.

In addition, it is also revealed in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that Ron has feelings for Lavender again.

Does Ron marry Lavender?

Lavender was clearly in love with Ron. Their connection was brief, but she definitely admired him. Ron, on the other hand, disliked lavender. He cared about her; they'd been dating for months, and he didn't want to terminate things without expressing at least some affection. However, when she became obsessed with marrying him, he felt he had no choice but to end it.

They met while Ron was still married to Susan. Lavender was hired as a cook at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where Ron went to school. She was a very talented witch who knew everything there was to know about herbs and healing plants.

When Ron's wife Susan found out that he was seeing lavender again, something terrible happened. We don't exactly what led up to it, but it seems like an accident might have occurred. As soon as she found out that Ron was re-dating lavender, she had a complete mental breakdown and was hospitalized for several months. When she came home, she was changed completely - she was quiet, unresponsive, and seemed lost. They were able to get help for her in the form of magic, but it wasn't enough. In the end, she died.

After Susan's death, Ron decided to put his feelings for lavender behind him and move on with his life. But once a week, after dinner, he goes to visit her family in Burrow End.

Does Ron love Hermione or Lavender?

Ron liked Lavender enough to date her at the time. After all, deep sentiments of love aren't required for going together with someone casually. Hermione had no idea Ron was attempting to make her jealous since Ron never attempted to make her jealous at all. However, she did find out when he started acting differently toward her.

It turns out that dating Lavender and being friends with Hermione were two different things for Ron. He liked having fun with Hermione but that wasn't enough to keep him from dating Lavender too. When she dumped him, he thought maybe he'd found his true soulmate and decided to focus on getting over Hermione instead.

As for Hermione, she didn't like seeing Ron get hurt by others so she tried not to feel guilty when they stayed friendly after she and Lavender broke up. She also didn't feel the need to tell Ron everything about her life since he seemed happy just knowing she was okay. However, when he got into trouble at Hogwarts because he wasn't there to help out with the Quidditch team, she felt compelled to tell him they couldn't be friends anymore.

When Ron heard this, he was devastated and wanted to die. However, he knew he had to live on in order for Harry to have a friend and so he decided to change himself in order to make Hermione proud of him again.

Why did Ron Weasley start dating Lavender Brown?

Ron's relationship with Lavender Brown was not a happy one. He started dating her only to make Hermione jealous, which is a terrible thing to do to both Hermione and Lavender. He ends up being rather cowardly when he refuses to stop the connection, despite the fact that he dislikes Lavender. This leads to him getting beaten up by her boyfriends and having his legs cut off by Voldemort in order to save him from death.

Lavender began dating Ron because she thought it would make Hermione jealous; however, this turns out not to be the case. When Ron starts to like Lavender back, she breaks up with him because she thinks he's starting to like another girl. This makes Ron very sad indeed as you can see from this quote: "But I'm not crying over Lavender Brown! I'm crying over lost opportunities!"

Lavender continues to date Ron until midway through book seven when she gets killed by Voldemort. At this point, Ron decides he has had enough of girls dying after he falls in love with them. From then on, he decides to date men instead.

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