Did Shang have a crush on Ping?

Did Shang have a crush on Ping?

Li Shang is Mulan's (Mulan disguised as a male soldier) army commander. Shang gradually comes to appreciate and respect Ping before discovering who she is and falling in love with her. After Mulan's departure, he follows her example and joins the army too.

Shang is one of the few characters who knows about Mulan's true identity. He helps her escape when he discovers that she has followed him into the army and then fights by her side during the final battle. After Mulan defeats Fa Zhou, Shang commits suicide rather than live in disgrace by having his head cut off like the other losers. His death devastates Mulan, who had just found happiness with him.

Mulan grieves for Shang until she meets up with Ho Yun, who tells her that Shang is now married with children. This seems to console Mulan somewhat and she goes on to have more adventures.

Did Shang know Mulan was a girl?

Is Shang from Mulan from Disney bisexual? No, it does not. He doesn't fall in love with Mulan until it's revealed that she's a girl. They have a romantic scene where they kiss which is about all the romance they have together.

Mulan would rather fight than be kissed by Shang. She even says so herself when he asks her if she loves him: "Love? What is this I feel for you? It is not love, for there are no words for it in any language. All I know is that I am filled with its spirit, and that spirit tells me to go fight for you and for myself."

Even though she doesn't say it in clear words, it is suggested multiple times that she is transgender or has some other form of gender variance. For example, in the original story by Roger Rabbit, Mulan's name is mentioned several times as being a male name. In the 1994 film, it is changed to match how people think of women today but this change wasn't made until later after many scenes with Shang were filmed.

Why did Mushu break up with Mulan and Shang?

Mushu is unforgivably sour in Mulan II. He does not want to give up his comfortable position when Fa Mulan and Li Shang marry. As a result, he chooses to separate them. Mushu spends virtually the whole film inciting squabbles between couples for his own benefit. It's very un-mushu like!

Fa Mulan loves Mushu even though she knows he is evil. She believes that if she can get Shang to love her instead, then she can save both of their lives by getting them married. Mulan succeeds in doing so, but it costs her her life. After Mulan's death, Shang breaks down completely and commits suicide.

Mushu is heartless enough to use this as an opportunity to steal Fa Mulan's clothes and sell them. Since she died wearing her husband's clothes, they become his after she dies too. This is how Mushu escapes punishment for her murder; the authorities believe he killed himself too.

So there you have it, guys. That's why Mushu broke up with Mulan and Shang.

What was the relationship between Mulan and Shang?

Not only is she recognized by the Emperor, but it's also hinted that when he comes to see her at her family's house, she gets romantically tied to Shang, her commanding officer (a rather awkward connection, to be honest, but nonetheless respectable). They have two children together.

Mulan's story first appears in a collection of poems called "Lei Jung: A Book of Songs", written down by one person - an anonymous monk. The poems were originally sung as part of a drama performed by monks in order to raise money for religious purposes.

Even though they're more than 1000 years old now, people are still making movies about Lei Jung: A Movie Starring Gong Li as Mulan. It came out in 1998 and was very popular in China; it has been translated into many languages and is currently playing in theaters around the world.

As for new stories being told about Mulan, there have been several books and comics published over the years. One of the most famous stories is "The Legend of Mulan" by Louis Cha. It was first published in 1994 and tells the story of how she became a soldier under Shang instead of Yu. After raising two armies who fight each other to the death, she realizes that peace is better for everyone and decides to stop the war. She finds forgiveness for Shang and lives happily ever after with him and their children.

What does Shang Di control?

Wade-Giles romanization of "Lord-on-High" Shang-ti, also known as Di, was an ancient Chinese goddess who ruled over success in combat, harvest, the fate of the city, and the weather. She was believed to be the daughter of the sky god Wu Wang and sister of Nu Wa. Her husband was Shennong, the legendary man who taught people how to farm and built villages first. They had a son named Yu the Great. When Yu the Great became king, he transformed China into a great civilization.

Shang Di's main temple is in Beijing's Xingqin Ge temple complex. But she also has many other temples around China. The oldest one still standing is in Chengde, which was built in 1616. There are also several Shang Di temples in Beijing. The largest one is called Maitai Temple after its adjacent neighborhood. It opened in 1871 but was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. Now it has been rebuilt and continues to grow.

In addition to being a goddess, Shang Di also used to be worshiped as a human being. The last known priest of Shang Di was Zhang Quanyou, who died in 1644. But historians believe there were probably others before him.

Nowadays, Shang Di is only worshipped through prayer. But her spirit is said to help successful people get ahead in life.

Who is Jing Jing from Pucca?

Ching is the daughter of Chang, the Turtle Training Hall's teacher. She is an expert in both swordplay and battle. Pucca's best buddy is her. Although she is normally upbeat, kind, and encouraging, she becomes enraged when Abyo flirts with other girls.

Jing Jing was born in a small village near Chang's home. Her father was a poor farmer who spent most of his time drinking with other farmers. One day, he went to fight another farmer who had insulted his wife. During the fight, he was killed by the other farmer. Heartbroken, her mother threw herself into alcohol addiction to be able to afford a proper burial for her husband. Ching grew up loving her father very much and never wanted anyone else to die. After hearing about death, she decided to stop people from dying by becoming a guardian lion.

In the first game you play as Jing Jing who has been chosen by Chang to train at the school with him. You will meet many new characters while exploring the school grounds. You can talk to them to find out more about them. Some are friendly, others are not so much. There are also some scenes where you can choose what action to take. For example, you may see someone getting beaten up by several people then you can choose to help them or not. If you do decide to help them, then that person will thank you later in the form of an affection point.

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