Do Ben and Adrien stay together?

Do Ben and Adrien stay together?

Adrian discovers she is pregnant after returning to them and informs Ben. They start spending time together and getting to know one other. They finally marry and live together. Adrian gave birth to their stillborn baby, Mercy, in the season three finale, "Or Not To Be."

In the season four premiere, "The Return of Jezebel James", it is revealed that Adrian has been killed by Al's daughter Jezebel (who wants revenge on Ben for killing her father). In order to save Adrian, Ben goes into hiding. He returns in time to stop Jezebel from assassinating Al during his funeral. For this act of bravery, Al awards him with his fortune but he refuses it. Later, it is revealed that Adrian is still alive. She tells Ben that she loves him and they start living together again.

In the series finale, "Jezebel", it is revealed that Jezebel has murdered Adrian too. This makes Ben and Merity the new owners of St. Francis.

Here is where things get a little confusing now. After all these years, it appears that Ben and Adrien are still married. But according to fansite Out Of Joint, who have been closely following the show, this isn't true. Apparently, when Adrian died at the end of season three, she left her marriage to Ben void.

Do Tessa and Ryan get back together?

They rekindle their romance in season two after she helps him cope with the discovery that he is adopted. They eventually split up because Ryan is headed to college while Tessa is still in Chatswin to finish her senior year. However, they reunite once again when he returns home for his father's funeral.

In season five, it is revealed that Tessa and Ryan got married before he left for war. When he returns home from war, they divorce but remain friends. Tessa even dates one of Ryan's friends, Jeff, during this time but nothing serious develops between them.

In season six, Tessa realizes she has feelings for Ryan again when he saves her life. They begin a relationship once more but it doesn't last long due to Tessa wanting to go to Stanford University instead of going to Columbia University like he does. However, they remain friends.

In season seven, Tessa starts working at Stan's office as an assistant to one of its founders, Sean Parker. She soon learns that Ryan is running for mayor and tells him that she wants to run for city council but he says that he doesn't want her to. After losing the election, Tessa decides to stay in Chatswin and work at Stan's while Ryan goes back to school. However, they both return to Chatswin when he wins another mayoral race.

Do Hardin and Tessa end up together after ever being happy?

They are married and live happily ever after. Even as a writer, I wasn't sure if Tessa and Hardin would end up together. It's a roller coaster ride. You never know what's going to happen next!

Do Tara and Ben end up together?

According to the most recent episode, Christian is still in the grip of a jealous rage. Ben and Tara are now boyfriend and girlfriend, and they are in love. However, it seems that Christian will do anything to separate them.

Tara's father, Ray, has been hired by Christian to kill both Ben and Tara. Before he dies, however, Ray tells Tara that there is one more person she needs to go after: Christian.

Tara finds Christian and challenges him to a fight. She wants to know who the better man is - she believes it's Christian because he hasn't killed anyone yet, but maybe that's just because he's not given the chance. Either way, she plans to use the information she gets from this fight to send her father home in peace.

They fight and Christian proves himself to be a much better fighter than she expected. But when Ray turns up at the house again, this time with a gun aimed at Christian, things become complicated quickly. Does Christian try to stop his father or help him?

The next day, we find out that Christian didn't shoot his father down in cold blood. He was being held hostage by Ray so he had no choice but to fight back.

Do XO and Rogelio stay together?

The two try to work out a compromise and find a way to be together, but in the end, Xiomara rejects Rogelio's proposal and the couple splits up. Both are upset that it is over, yet they still consider each other family. Xo discovers she has breast cancer at the conclusion of Season 4's recurrence. She goes through treatment and is declared cancer free in Season 5.

Meanwhile, Rogelio starts dating María Elena, who has a daughter named Cristina. The two marry in a private ceremony followed by a public one so they can make it official government-wise. However, when Xo finds out about her wedding, she refuses to let go of her love for Rogelio. She tells him she will always love him and they make peace with each other. The two also become friends again since there's no more fight between them. In addition, Xo learns she is pregnant at the conclusion of Season 6.

At the beginning of Season 7, it is revealed that Xo has another girl due in about a month's time. She tells everyone that she is happy because she and Rogelio will be able to have more children. However, when Rogelio finds out that she is actually having twins, he is shocked and doesn't know what to do. He asks his father Jose Antonio Vargas (Javi) for help but doesn't know if he will be accepted by him.

Do Maxine and Ian stay together?

When Ian arrived, he and Maxine exchanged embarrassed grins and resumed their romance. They split up in the final episode of season 7 because she didn't trust Ian not to be drawn to guys again, and Maxine hasn't been seen since. It's possible they reunite after everything that has happened.

No, they don't stay together.

In the final episode "Exit Strategy", it is revealed that Maxine knows about Ian's secret identity as Batman and feels guilty about this. She decides to leave town to start a new life without Ian. When asked if they stayed together at the end of the episode, David Fury said no. He also said there were no plans for another season anyway so it doesn't matter.

However, earlier in the year, Fox ordered more episodes. So it's possible they will reunite in the future.

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