Do relationships end because of snoring?

Do relationships end because of snoring?

The survey also discovered that snoring spouses had a higher divorce rate. According to Rosalind Cartwright, PhD, head of the Medical Center's Sleep Disorders Center, a lack of sleep produces a stressful and unfriendly environment for couples, placing a strain on the marriage. "Sleep deprivation has been shown to reduce a person's ability to handle stressors, so it isn't surprising that it can lead to anger problems and divorce," she says.

If you're having an argument with your spouse and think it might be due to the fact that you're both tired and not thinking clearly, try not sleeping together as a way of showing each other how important you believe it is that you get some rest. It might just be what the couple needs to heal their relationship.

Does snoring cause breakups?

Couples with snoring sleep disorders quarrel more and have more arguments than non-snoring partners. Apparently, sleeping problems are as disruptive to marriages as are financial difficulties or substance abuse.

Snoring is the result of turbulence of air while breathing through one's nose when asleep. This turbulence causes vibrations in the soft tissue of the throat and nasal cavity which can irritate the membranes lining these cavities and cause them to swell. This in turn can block off some of the smaller channels within the walls of the nasal cavity and cause them to collapse, preventing any more air from entering or leaving the body through that channel.

The vibration caused by this turbulence also triggers reflexes in the brain that signal the sleeper that he or she is still alive and functioning properly. These reflexes include heart rate increases, cold sweats, and sore throats. Because of this reason, people who suffer from snoring problems are likely to be sick more often than others. They may also have unexplained injuries such as tooth marks on their arms or bruises on their bodies. These are all signs that they are suffering nightmarish dreams due to blocked nasal passages.

Of course, not everyone who suffers from snoring problems will eventually divorce their spouse.

Is snoring a problem in your marriage?

Is snoring causing problems in your marriage? As a result, snoring partners frequently grow desperate for a decent night's sleep, and as a result, they sometimes acquire a habit that can be disastrous to their marriage: they sleep in another room. If you or your partner suffer from frequent nighttime awakenings due to snoring, it may be time to seek help.

Here are some indications that your marriage is being affected by your partner's snoring:

You feel like your spouse doesn't appreciate you anymore. After all, if what you were doing before bedtime didn't bother him or her, then why should it matter how often you breathe through your mouth during slumber parties?

The sound of your spouse snoring irritates you. If you're trying to get some quality shut-eye, it's probably not the kind of environment you want to be in. It might even cause you to think less highly of your partner!

You feel like your spouse takes you for granted. Since sleep is such an important part of life, it shouldn't be taken for granted. If you aren't making an effort to stay awake so you can talk with your spouse, then what's the point of being married at all?

Your relationship needs attention elsewhere than just inside your bedroom door.

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