Do Tariq and Laila end up together?

Do Tariq and Laila end up together?

The next day, Mariam surrenders to the Taliban in an attempt to pave the way for Laila and her children to seek refuge in Pakistan with Tariq. Tariq and Laila married in Pakistan and finally begin the life they envisioned so many years ago. They have several children and are still living in Pakistan when this story begins.

Tariq and Laila meet when Laila comes to see Tariq in prison. She wants him to help her sister Mariam escape from the Taliban. Tariq agrees, and once Mariam is safe, he asks her to marry him. Of course, she says yes! After their wedding, Tariq is released from prison and they start a new life together in Peshawar, Pakistan.

Laila gives birth to their first child. He or she is born healthy but does not survive more than a few days after birth due to a disease that runs in their family. This first loss makes Laila sad and she decides to move back to her parents' house in Afghanistan so she can help support her family. However, before she leaves, she finds out that she is pregnant again. This time, she believes she can give birth without any problems. Unfortunately, she has another baby who also doesn't live longer than a few days.

What do Laila and Mariam do together that begins their friendship?

Laila and Mariam had a cup of tea and made peace. Laila and Mariam begin to enjoy one other's company as they conduct their tasks together. Mariam is perplexed as to why Aziza is growing fond to her. She asks Laila about this, who tells her that Aziza is beautiful inside and out and has much goodness in her.

Mariam realizes that Aziza is indeed beautiful but can't understand why someone like her would attract anyone. She thinks it is best not to ask questions about such things and instead focuses on doing her job well.

Laila and Mariam work together for several months without any problems occurring between them. One day Laila tells Mariam that she will be leaving at the end of the month and that she hopes they can remain friends after she goes. Mariam replies that of course they will be friends after Laila goes and that she will miss her friend greatly.

Laila leaves Kasr al-Aini on 30 April 1902 and travels back to Cairo where she lives with her family. They talk on the phone regularly and Laila sends money home to help support her family. In May 1903, Laila receives news from her father that he has died. She decides not to go back home because there is nothing left for her to return to and instead stays in Cairo with her friends.

Why did Rasheed marry Laila?

When Laila discovers she is pregnant with Tariq's kid, she decides to marry Rasheed in order to protect herself and the child, giving birth to a daughter, Aziza, whom Rasheed hates and neglects because she is a female. Years later, when Laila realizes that Aziza may have some talent as a singer, she goes to see her father with this intention but finds out that he has already died. Devastated by this news, Laila decides to leave Rasheed's house and go back to Binnibara alone. However, just before she is about to board a ship, she meets up with Tariq again and they reunite.

Laila and Rasheed marry again and this time, it is only for money since Rasheed is still mad at Tariq for what he did to him all those years ago. Once they are married, Laila gives birth to a son, Muhammad, who looks exactly like Tariq. She also learns that if she wants to keep her husband's love, she will need to win him over again. So, Laila works hard to do just that by behaving like Tariq's wife and mother. One day, however, Tariq comes home late from work and tells Laila that he is moving to Karachi to work as an assistant manager at a car dealership.

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