Do you have to answer a text every time a friend calls?

Do you have to answer a text every time a friend calls?

At the very least, you don't answer every phone call. However, by continuing to text after each call, you are allowing her to dictate the parameters of your relationship and facilitating her reliance on you. No one is ever due a text message answer, particularly if they attempt to call numerous times in a day, especially if they do it every day. It's a bit rude, actually!

The reason why you should stop answering texts so quickly is because it's creating a habit that is difficult to break. By answering each text with a quick "OK" or "Yes," you are teaching yourself to respond quickly to important messages. However, if you don't take time to think about what you're going to say, you'll likely end up sending a confusing message to your friend.

You should also stop answering texts so quickly because it's annoying for your friends to not get an answer. Even if they send another text immediately after the first one, you can be sure that they'd still like to know how your day was. Taking time to reply shows that you care about their feelings and that you value your friendship.

What does it mean if a girl always replies?

She's Just Being Polite: She may be replying to your SMS because she believes it would be impolite to remain silent. This is typically the case if she keeps her texts brief and impersonal. You now have all the information you require to determine what it means when she never texts first but always responds!

She's Not Interested: If she's always replying after you've sent several texts, then we can assume that she's not interested. In this case, it's best to move on from the relationship before things get awkward. It's important to remember that people don't always say what they feel so be sure to read between the lines when trying to understand how she feels.

She Has Issues: If a girl isn't responding to your messages, it could be because she has issues with you. For example, she might not reply because of something you said in the past or perhaps it's something more serious like abuse from someone on her social media account. If she doesn't want to talk to you, then there's nothing wrong with being honest about it. You should also know that some women prefer to keep their problems private while others love talking about themselves and their issues. Try not to take it personally if she doesn't reply.

Other Reasons: There are many other reasons why a girl might always reply.

What happens if you text a girl and she doesn’t respond?

There is little to no response, and the communication is lackluster. She sends you a message telling you to stop texting her... completely and forever. She does not offer questions in order to keep the discussion going. She never asks you to meet her or her pals in person. When you text her, she has no idea who you are. She doesn't know your name, where you work, or what you look like. She can't picture you in her mind's eye when she writes back.

The fact is, most girls don't want to be bothered by guys they don't know. If you send them messages that seem interesting, they will usually reply. But if you continue to text her even after she has told you to stop, then she is going to block you on all of the major social media sites.

She isn't trying to be mean. She just doesn't want to talk to you anymore. If you have broken the rules by continuing to text her even though she has asked you to stop, then you have made her feel uncomfortable. And that's not fair.

If a girl doesn't respond to your texts, it doesn't mean that she has rejected you. It may be because she is not interested in talking to you at this time. Try sending her another message sometime later. Maybe today would be a good day for her!

What happens when you text your best friend and she never responds?

You send her SMS messages, but she never responds. If she does, it's a day later, with the same excuse that the text arrived late or her phone was broken. She begins to remind you of your last partner, who didn't seem to comprehend proper texting etiquette. You start to feel like a fool for believing her when she told you she loved you.

The friendship is over. You were only together for pain relief and emotional support, and now that she can handle life's challenges without you by her side, she needs space to grieve. This is normal behavior for friends, not lovers. You have to accept that this relationship has come to an end.

If you've been texting your friend and not hearing back from her, don't be surprised if she stops responding to you entirely. She's lost interest in your life, even though she knows that you're dying to hear what's going on with her. This isn't fair to you nor her, so let her go.

It's normal to miss your best friend when they stop calling or texting you. However, if this goes on for too long, it may indicate that there's something wrong with the relationship. It's important to understand that people change, even close friends. If you suspect that someone is no longer interested in you, then cut them out of your life completely.

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