Do you have to choose your boyfriend or your current city?

Do you have to choose your boyfriend or your current city?

But, while you sift through your feelings, keep in mind that it's not your boyfriend who is choosing his present location over you; it's you who is choosing Austin over him. Learn how intelligent, powerful, and accomplished women (like you!) may finally find their partner. What should you do now?

Your answer to this question will determine what path you take next. If you want to remain together in a happy relationship, then you must work on resolving your differences and finding a way to make the marriage work. Or if you think that you two are just not meant for each other, you should probably end it before you cause yourself more pain.

It's best to be honest with yourself about where you stand with your boyfriend. Are you still in love with him? Do you feel like you can't live without him? Or has enough time passed that you can move on? Only you can really answer these questions. But whatever you decide, don't forget: He's only human too.

Do you want to move to a new city with someone?

Taking on a new city with someone is a major commitment, especially if you're still in the early stages of your relationship. You don't want to make a large move for someone else and then not receive your happily ever after; it's much worse if the city doesn't help you. Before you take this step, be sure that you are both ready for this type of commitment.

It's important to understand that moving across country with someone else will change your relationship forever. There won't be any more first dates or trips home for the holidays, so be sure that you aren't just looking for "company while I drink myself to death alone in my apartment."

If you are planning on staying together long-term, start thinking about where you might live. It's not easy finding good jobs in cities all over the United States, so if you aren't able to find something close to each other's homes or schools, it might be best to stay separate.

Finally, be sure that you love one another before you take this huge step forward. Moving away from family and friends is hard enough without adding pain through misunderstandings or disagreements. Life in a new city may cause these problems to arise even sooner than expected, so be sure that you can handle them when they do.

After deciding that moving together is what you want, contact employers to see who has openings and apply accordingly.

Which is the best city in the world for dating?

Three thriving economies top our list of greatest cities for dating: Austin, TX, Nashville, TN, and San Francisco, CA. Cities with huge populations and robust employment markets placed top on our list overall, with plenty of tech centers taking center stage. These are all great places to find a mate.

The study's authors controlled for factors such as population size, unemployment rate, number of marriages registered at government offices and their findings were consistent across multiple analytical methods. They concluded that "Nashville, Austin and San Francisco are the most dateable cities in America."

They also noted that cities with large numbers of college students tended to rank lower on the list because there are just not enough people to go around. For example, Boulder, CO came in 10th place on the list but its campus community makes it one of the most popular destinations for meeting people. Similarly, Honolulu came in 21st place but has the largest percentage of college-aged adults of any city on the list.

There are of course other factors that come into play when trying to decide where you should go to find a date. If you're looking for romance or a good time, maybe you shouldn't move to Boulder. If you want to meet people from different cultures, explore new ideas or simply have some fun, then these are all great places to look.

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