Do you want to spend all your time with your best friend?

Do you want to spend all your time with your best friend?

You both want to spend the most of your waking hours together as best friends. You don't care who else is around as long as your closest buddy is present. However, things have suddenly changed, and your closest buddy makes it a point to leave you two alone when you spend time together. They just can't stand to be around you when you're having fun because they know that eventually you will grow tired of their antics and look for another friend to hang out with. This might cause a rift between you two.

People come in pairs like hearts, lungs, bones, etc. Because of this reason, it is normal for two people to feel an intense connection with each other. These connections can be romantic or not but they are always strong enough for the partners to notice whenever one of them leaves the other one. It is also normal for these pairs of friends to want to spend all their time together. After all, they came into this world at the same time and lived similar lives up until now. But sometimes circumstances beyond one's control (like work commitments or family issues) force couples apart even though they would really like to be together all the time.

If you want to stay close with your best friend, it is important that you do not start comparing yourself to them. You should appreciate every moment you get to share with them even if it is just for a few hours per day.

Is it smart to live with your best friend?

Living apart could be a wonderful decision because you already do everything together. It helps you to concentrate on yourself and broaden your horizons. However, if you and your closest buddy are adept at respecting one other's space and meeting new people, rooming together might be a terrific alternative.

The relationship will be more effective if you don't try to change each other into something you're not. Be honest about what you want from the situation and work out a plan of action together. For example, you could decide that if one of you starts dating someone else, then the other will too so you won't end up alone.

It's also helpful if you can agree on some ground rules. For example, you could both promise not to cook dinner every night and instead share the task between you. You should also discuss any concerns you have with your roommate beforehand so there aren't any unpleasant surprises later on.

Ultimately, your best friend is going to be there for you during times of trouble and loss, and living together will only make this bond stronger. So, as long as you keep these relationships separate from your love life, then living together isn't a problem as long as you two are willing to communicate and work together toward a common goal.

When is your best friend too busy?

There are moments in life when your best buddy is too busy for you, or so you believe. This is not a pleasant sensation. You may feel lonely or unhappy since he/she does not have time to hang out or speak as much as he/she normally does. When your best buddy is too busy for you, there are several things you can do. First of all, don't take it personally. Your friend has other obligations that must be taken care of first. In addition, he/she may not be able to spend as much time with you because they need to keep up with their studies or work responsibilities. Finally, try to be patient. Best friends are supposed to be available for each other at all times, but this does not always happen.

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