Does Hazel have a crush on Percy?

Does Hazel have a crush on Percy?

Levesque, Hazel It's difficult to know if this was a genuine crush or a case of hero worship gone wrong. In any case, Hazel and Percy forged an immediate relationship upon his arrival at Camp Jupiter. But, come on, nothing was going to go in the way of her and Frank.

However, it seems that Hazel might have felt some attraction toward Percy as well. This is suggested by her response when asked if she had a boyfriend: "Percy. He thinks I'm amazing."

It's possible that this is just a sign of admiration between two people who want different things from life. They could be friends first and foremost.

But considering that they work together and are often found talking to each other during missions, it can be assumed that they share the same room sometimes too. So perhaps there's something more than friendship here?

In conclusion, yes, Hazel probably has a crush on Percy. She's a teenage girl after all. And girls like cute boys stuff.

Does Hazel kiss Percy?

During the trip, Hazel gives Percy a sisterly kiss on the cheek. After being assaulted by gryphons, they remain at Hazel's old house for a bit before transporting Arion to the home of the giant Alcyoneus, who imprisoned Thanatos. She also expresses her affections for Frank and kisses him to demonstrate her affection.

In Book Four, Chapter Nine, we see that she has fallen in love with Frank. She tells him so when he asks if she is still in love with Lucius.

Lucius had used his magick to turn Hazel into a horse so he could use her as a mount. When she becomes angry instead of afraid, he takes advantage of this and makes her his own personal horse. He uses her to travel around Greece looking for Titan, the man who had captured Persephone. During the search, Hazel helps free Zeus from captivity and reunites him with Persephone. Once everything is back to normal, Hazel and Frank return home.

In Book Five, Chapter One, we find out that Hazel and Frank are going to be married after all this time. Before they get married, however, Frank's father, Charon, dies. This causes a large argument between Hazel and Charon because he wanted her to take care of himself now that he was dead. However, she decides to go ahead with the wedding anyway.

Does Rachel have a crush on Percy Jackson?

No, not at all. I don't believe he had feelings for Rachel or Calypso. Sure, Percy stated in Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian that Rachel was much easier to talk to than certain ladies (cough Annabeth cough), but when Rachel kissed him, he was stunned and didn't know what to say. He also told Grover this same thing right after they met.

As for Calypso, she seems to have an interest in Percy. She toyed with his emotions by holding up his past and telling him what kind of person he would be if he were in her situation. But despite this, there's no real indication that she has any romantic feelings toward him.

And as for Annabeth, she likes Percy too! But unlike Rachel, who is a goddess, Annabeth is human and thus her heart could only handle being friends with him. However, she does like how he treats her like an adult and doesn't try to push her around.

In conclusion, neither of them has a crush on Percy Jackson but they both like how he respects them and their opinions. Also, Calypso seemed to have an interest in him but since he isn't interested in her, she doesn't do anything about it.

Did Percy have a crush on Annabeth?

Percy describes Annabeth as a "beautiful girl, her golden hair curled like a princess" as he awakens. Annabeth, at the age of sixteen, admits to having a crush on Percy since she was twelve. She says it's all because of his courage and bravery; both in battle and in life.

Now, this isn't exactly a new idea. In fact, it's one that has been proposed by many fans over the years. They think that perhaps Annabeth had seen pictures or images of Percy in some kind of heroic situation and that's why she liked him so much.

However, what these fans fail to realize is that if Percy had any interest in Annabeth at all back then, he would have paid attention to her when they were kids. He would have noticed how beautiful she was and he would have wanted to know her better. But instead of doing that, he only focused on training to be an Olympian. So the idea that he might have had a crush on her is completely false.

In conclusion, yes, Annabeth did have a crush on Percy but that wasn't until she was sixteen years old. And even then, it was only because he was such a brave man who had great courage in life as well as in battle.

Does Apollo have a crush on Percy?

Apollo had a thing on the child ever since he first saw him last year. Apollo could see he was going to be a hot hero. The picture on the television changed to Percy Jackson in a tux, standing with his buddies. It was then that Apollo knew he would do anything to be like him. Ever since then, Apollo has been trying to act like a real life hero.

He has been studying with Chiron and now they are friends. Apollo goes to Camp Half-Blood every summer to learn more about his heritage and how to fight using only your mind. He has already saved the world twice (and you can read about it in chapters six and seven).

This year at camp, something strange is happening. Every day, before lunch, everyone runs away from camp. Only Percy Jackson and Jason Grace stay behind. They don't know what's going on either. But whatever it is, it has something to do with a monster attack.

Before they know it, monsters are everywhere. And the best fighters in camp have been killed. Now it's up to Percy and Jason to save not only themselves, but all of camp. Can they defeat the monster conspiracy? Read chapter eight to find out!

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