Does KJ APA have aGF?

Does KJ APA have aGF?

Clara Berry, who is KJ Apa's girlfriend? Clara Berry is KJ Apa's new French beau, and they've been dating since the summer of 2020, but they like to keep their romance private, naturally. However, KJ has opened up about his love for Clara during an interview with Hollywood Life back in August 2019.

"I think she's amazing. I'm so lucky to have her in my life. We just really get along and understand each other's moods and what upsets us. She's such a positive person that it makes me want to be more positive too."

KJ also shared some details about his relationship with Clara on social media. He wrote on Twitter that he's "so happy [he] found [his] girl [who] makes [him] feel safe and loved".

Meanwhile, according to Just Jared Jr! , KJ's character Jackson Kingery will meet Clara's character Ariana Grande (Jackson's favorite singer) when he goes to New York City to film an episode of Riverdale. This means that Jackson and Ariana will have a romantic storyline together.

So, will KJ and Clara ever go public with their relationship? It seems like they're not planning to do so anytime soon because both of them like to keep their romance private.

Is KJ APA dating in real life?

Clara Berry, a model, is KJ Apa's girlfriend. But he prefers to keep his sexual life secret. KJ, on the other hand, uploaded a photo of himself kissing a mystery woman in February 2019. It was verified by 2020, following that tweet and a few public appearances: Clara Berry, a 26-year-old French model, is the actor's girlfriend! They met through modeling and have been together since 2017.

Berry also has a role on TV series The Path, where she plays Lila. This is probably why they need some time apart. In addition, KJ is very busy with his career and needs all the time he can get for himself. He does not want to be tied down with a partner or have children yet.

However, this does not mean that they are already breaking up. Perhaps KJ just wanted to have some space so he could focus on his work and Clara could focus on her show. Or maybe they will be ready for a breakup but still love each other very much and just need some time alone before making their relationship public again.

Who does KJ APA have a crush on?

In honor of Clara Berry's 27th birthday, KJ Apa posted a rare photo with her—and his lovely caption has fans melting. Read it below.

Clara Berry is one of my favorite characters on TV and I don't think there's much to say about her that hasn't already been said. She's smart, she's beautiful, and she's kind. But more than that, she's someone who everyone likes. She has no enemies, which makes her all the more special.

I remember when I was a little kid watching TV shows with my mom after school. We'd usually watch The Brady Bunch or Saved By The Bell, and I always loved it when it came time for Clara to show up. It didn't matter what episode we were watching, I could never help but smile when she entered the scene. I mean, who doesn't like an angel? And now that I'm an adult, those same feelings come rushing back. I love seeing her on TV today in her own series, and being able to share that with other fans is pretty great.

Who is KJ Apa dating?

Berry, Clara KJ Apa, a New Zealand actor, is expecting a child. Apa, who plays Archie on Riverdale, is dating French model Clara Berry. His gorgeous partner has posted a picture of her baby bulge on social media. "Btw, she's pregnant," Apa wrote on her Instagram post. The 30-year-old added that he is very happy about the new development in his life.

Apa rose to fame after being cast as Archie Andrews in Riverdale. The show is based on the characters created by Robert Bernstein and Joe DiPietro. It premiered on The CW in January 2017 and became a critical and popular success. In addition to playing Archie, KJ also portrays Jughead Jones on the show.

Archie was originally meant to be a one-shot character but after proving so successful that they decided to bring him back for another season. He is expected to appear in several episodes this year.

Besides acting, KJ is also a musician. He played drums in a band with some of his friends when he was studying music technology at Auckland University. They called themselves After Midnight. Later, he joined forces with some fellow actors to form a theater company. They named it after one of their songs - KJ Apa Theater Company.

KJ made his film debut in 2012. That same year, he appeared in two movies: God's Not Dead and Noah.

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