Does marriage really last forever?

Does marriage really last forever?

According to a 2011 research, couples who feel their marriage would remain forever, no matter what, outlive those who do not truly believe in the notion of "until death do us part." Yes, things will become rough, but knowing you're both 100 percent dedicated to sticking with it is critical.

Couples who think their marriages will last forever are more likely to stay together, no matter how bad things get. If you don't believe that your relationship can survive, even when things are at their worst, then you're more likely to break up when things get hard. But if you know that you and your spouse have found something eternal between you, then you'll be less likely to call it quits when times get tough.

Of course, this doesn't mean that everyone who believes in everlasting love should stick around in hurtful relationships.

Can a marriage last till death do us part?

It's impossible to know if a marriage has what it takes to survive "to death do us part." Still, some people have a little better understanding of a married couple's odds, if only because they've witnessed personally what causes couples to split. Here are the most common reasons for marriages to break up.

Money Problems

Even though money isn't the only issue that can cause problems in a relationship, it is one of the most common factors that leads to divorce. If one spouse makes more than the other, even by a small amount, it can create an unfair division of power where the higher-paid spouse has no incentive to change their behavior because they don't feel like they're being punished for being rich.

Children play a huge role in any marriage, but especially in wealthy families where having kids is seen as a necessity instead of a choice. When finances are an issue for a family, having children tends to lead to even more financial problems since parents cannot afford to give them the attention and resources they need. This can lead to the neglect or abuse of children by their non-caring parents which can damage their psychological well-being causing long-term effects on their ability to form healthy relationships later in life.

Lack of Communication

Is marriage becoming extinct?

According to the country's best relationship gurus, marriage is doomed and will become extinct over the next 30 years. The great majority of couples, they claim, will reject it in favor of a series of long-term partnerships.

This conclusion comes from two popular authors who have published several books on relationships: John Gottman and Nan Silver. They have spent their lives studying marriages, and what they've learned can be applied to any relationship. Their main thesis is that every marriage follows a predictable course that can be divided into four stages. Even if one or both partners come from broken homes, their theory says that they can learn to adjust their behavior so that their marriage works.

The first stage is engagement. During this time, both parties are completely focused on each other, looking for signs of affection, commitment, and love. If one or both spouses come from a family environment where these feelings were not shown, then they need to learn how to communicate them effectively. Engaged couples show their interest by doing things together, such as going out to dinner or movies, or simply talking about their future together.

The second stage is marriage preparation. In order to make sure that everything goes smoothly during marriage, experts recommend that couples start planning now. This means making decisions about finances, in-law issues, and major changes that may affect your relationship.

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