Does Sasuke love Sakura?

Does Sasuke love Sakura?

No way, no how. Sakura will never be loved by Sasuke. They didn't have any sort of relationship. Naruto certainly adores Sasuke. They're always talking about their closeness, and they're the only two characters whose relationship has developed the most. In my perspective, SasuSaku has no chance. Even if one day they end up together, it would be just a friendship.

Sasuke loves Naruto. They are very close friends who also happen to be brothers. Their relationship is that of a father and his son. Sasuke often takes care of Naruto when he's sick or injured, and treats him like one of his teammates. He's also the only person who can bring out the best in Naruto; without Sasuke, there would be no Naruto Narutosie.

As for Sakura, she likes Sasuke but he doesn't return her feelings. They don't have any romantic involvement together. If anything, I think Sasusaku isn't even possible because of this fact: Sasuke is known as the Uchiha clan's "Death God" for a reason - he kills anyone who gets in his way. This includes fellow Uchihas as well as non-Uchihas. So why would he want to live with someone who brings him bad luck?

Besides, look at their past histories; Sasuke destroyed almost everyone who ever cared about him.

Does Sasuke love Sakura in Boruto?

Yes, Sasuke adores Sakura. As a child, he was too preoccupied with defeating Itachi to pay any attention to her, but the two finally became friends in their late teens. Now that they're grownups, Sasuke is more upfront about his feelings for Sakura. He also doesn't hesitate to tell her how he feels whenever there's a chance.

Sasuke loves Sakura so much that he would do anything for her. This includes kidnapping her son Boruto so that he could meet him and try to convince him to join the ninja world like himself. Even though this plot failed, it shows just how much faith Sasuke has in their relationship. He believes that if anyone can make Boruto happy, it's him.

Also worth mentioning is that during the Fourth Shinobi War, when asked by Kakashi if she was alright, Sasuke replied that she was better off not knowing about his plan to defeat Itachi. This implies that even though he cares for her, he didn't want to worry her by showing his true intentions.

In conclusion, yes, Sasuke loves Sakura.

Does Sakura ever fall in love with Naruto?

And, no, Sakura never fell in love with Naruto in the anime. She has always adored Sasuke, since the beginning of the program and even before that. But, as best friends, she adores Naruto. He's always been there for her, even when she didn't know she needed him.

Sakura did have feelings for Kakashi, but they were just friendship feelings. She saw him as a brother rather than a lover. Same thing with Inoichi, who was like another father to her. And, as far as we know, she has never felt anything for Neji. Even after he came back from death, she still kept her feelings for Sasuke hidden.

In short, yes, Sakura does love Naruto, but she keeps her feelings secret because it would be dangerous if others found out. As you can see on her profile page, she has many love letters written by Sasuke. These show that she loves him and has always loved him, but she had to keep these feelings secret because it wasn't right.

Why does Sakura spend so much time with Naruto?

Sakura spends the most of her time with Naruto in the absence of Sasuke. She relies on him to fill the hole in her life, even going on dates with him. She is aware of his affections for her and is aware that she does not reciprocate them, but she continues to do so.

It has also been established that Sakura and Sasuke are a fantastic match. Sasuke's affection for her increased as they went on missions and trips together, leading to their mutual understanding. Is Sasuke truly in love with Sakura? Sakura is one of the few individuals in Sasuke's life that he genuinely cares about.

While there are no scenes representing their wedding, a photo displayed in Boruto Episode 21 serves as a minor indication to their wedding. Sakura and Sasuke are thought to have married during their travels together. Sakura soon gave birth to a daughter called Sarada. 2. When and how did Sasuke first fall in love with Sakura?

Sakura spends the most of her time with Naruto in the absence of Sasuke. She relies on him to fill the hole in her life, even going on dates with him. She is aware of his affections for her and is aware that she does not reciprocate them, but she continues to do so.

Why does Sasuke marry Sakura and not Karin?

Even though she still loves him, Sakura respected that space and kept her distance. And I have no doubt he feels the same way about her. Some may argue that they had a broken marriage since Sasuke doesn't truly love her because they are never together and never kiss, hold hands, or embrace, but they don't need it to know they love each other. They have been through so much together that they understand each other's feelings very well.

Sasuke married Karin because she was chosen by Neji. And despite how things ended up for them, they were happy with what they had until tragedy struck their village.

Sakura was going to be killed by Shikamaru during his mission to protect Konohagakure from Orochimaru, but he decided not to kill her yet. She survived and learned of this fact later when she saw Sasuke in battle. At first, she wanted nothing to do with him because she thought he was dead, but then she found out he wasn't. She remembered their friendship as children and how they used to play together at times. So she went to see him in battle because she wanted to make sure he was okay. When she found out he was alive, she asked him if they could try to get back what they had once. He agreed and they started dating again. But they both knew it wouldn't work out this time because they are two different people who come from two different worlds. However, they still love each other very much even though they can't be together.

Who would win: Sasuke or Sakura?

Sakura, on the other hand, pales in comparison to Sasuke. If the two ever meet, Sasuke will easily overcome her. She tries hard but just doesn't measure up to him.

In the manga, their first fight was when they were both meditating at the Valley of the End. Sasuke used his ninja skills to defeat her and take her head. He then went on to say that no one can resist him and that he will never lose to anyone. After this incident, Sakura became obsessed with beating him and trained hard to do so. But even with all her training, there's no way she could beat him.

So basically, Sasuke is way too strong for her. In the anime, they had a similar fight at the Valley of the End where Sasuke again uses his ninja skills to defeat her. But instead of taking her head, he replaces it with a fake one made of wood.

So here we have the conclusion of our quiz. Sasuke is too strong for Sakura. He could kill her in one blow if he wanted to. But since she's young and beautiful, he decides not to kill her instead he replaces her head with a fake one. In the end, she survives their encounter and continues to live on.

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