My friend has a crush on me, but I already have a boyfriend.?

My friend has a crush on me, but I already have a boyfriend.?

When you're in a relationship, there's nothing wrong with having feelings for someone else. You may, however, choose whether to foster the crush or to accept it and move on. It's quite natural to have a crush on someone other than your spouse when you're in a relationship.

It's not that you're being disloyal to your partner by having feelings for others; it's just that love is complex. If you're feeling this way about one of your friends, it's probably because they make you feel good about yourself and give you hope that someone else can share your life with you forever. That's what friends are for!

If you have a crush on your friend, it's okay to admit it. Don't be afraid to say something if you think they might feel the same way about you. Maybe take it a step further and start dating them! The more you are around someone, the more you will want them in your life. This is a great way to get over a broken heart quickly.

Don't expect your friend to feel the same way about you though. They may have always wanted someone who was alone so that they could fill the gap left by their absent lover. You may find that out if you ask directly, but don't be surprised if they change their mind later. Be patient and know that this too shall pass.

Is it cheating if you have a crush on someone else?

Having feelings of attraction for another individual is typically harmless. However, acting on such impulses might convert a harmless crush into an emotional romance.

If you feel like you're the only one who feels this way about your boyfriend or girlfriend, then there are two possibilities: either they don't feel the same way or we've been told not to show our feelings. Most people aren't going to be upset by a little infatuation, but showing extreme interest in someone else can be interpreted as stalking. If you have doubts about how your partner feels about you, then it's best to keep them ambiguous. Giving away too much information can lead to trouble.

It's normal to have feelings of attraction for others, even if that person is involved with someone else. It's important to remember that love is not just a feeling but also an action of the will. If you want to move forward with a romantic relationship, then you should try to suppress your feelings and focus on the person you're with now.

Is it OK to have a crush on a friend while in a relationship?

"Crushes make individuals feel beautiful and alive, and they frequently occur even when people are deeply committed to their spouses but the relationship has passed the swooning honeymoon stage." - Dr. John Gottman, psychologist and marriage expert.

Having a crush on a friend can be dangerous because you don't want to lose sight of what's important in a relationship. You should never put your interest in another person above your partner. That would be bad friendship behavior that could lead to jealousy and more problems for everyone involved.

If you do find yourself attracted to someone else, try not to act on these feelings. Instead, focus on your partner first and foremost, and then others later if and when the time is right.

People experience crushes from time to time, but it's not something that just anyone can do. Only people who are emotionally stable enough to handle such strong emotions are able to develop them in the first place!

The best way to avoid having a crush on someone is by not giving in to these feelings prematurely. Wait until you feel something for your partner before moving on to another person.

Why do I have a crush on one of my friends?

"Having a crush on a buddy is really common," she tells Elite Daily. That's because a relationship is a combination of friendship and desire. If you're attracted to the other person, you're probably going to have a crush on them. If you aren't attracted, your thoughts are on friendship. "Feeling friendly toward someone and wanting to be around them are two different things," Mills explains. If you're thinking about them all the time, want to be around them all the time, and feel anxious when they're not available, then you should consider whether you have a crush on them.

He feels the same way about me. I have a huge crush on him but we just friends.

This is a simple answer without any details or explanations. See what your friend has to say about it and if they give you more information, then go with that. If not, keep in mind that a crush is just a feeling not a fact so don't get too attached to it.

Is it OK to tell your boyfriend that you have a crush on him?

No Being in a relationship does not obligate you to reveal your deepest thoughts and feelings with your spouse. Telling your lover you have a crush on someone else would only destroy your connection with him. It will be painful for him. He loved and cared for you enough to risk his reputation by coming after you, so you should return the favor and keep his secret.

Yes If you both agree that it would be good for your relationship then there is nothing wrong with letting your lover know how you feel about him.

There are many reasons why you might want to tell your boyfriend you have a crush on him. You could be trying to get him to like you back or show him that you're interested in him. If you do this without telling him first then he might think that you're trying to force him to love you or that you aren't serious about the relationship. This could hurt his feelings.

It all depends on what you want from this relationship. If you just want to have fun and be friends with benefits then doing something like this wouldn't be appropriate. But if you are looking for more than that then telling your boyfriend you have a crush on him would be fine. He would understand if you did this without saying anything further because it's possible that he might also have a secret side that he doesn't share with everyone.

What if your crush is dating someone?

Having a crush on someone is difficult enough, but when that person begins dating someone else, it can be painful. Begin by spending some time working through your emotions, whether by talking with someone, writing about it, or even seeing a therapist if you are very unhappy. Once you feel better about yourself and your situation, you can think about what to do next.

If you want to date your crush, you will need to decide for yourself if their new partner is good enough for them to date. If you are still interested, then you should let them know this - but be sure to do it nicely! If they don't want to date you anymore, then you have no choice but to move on.

Crushes can be complicated, so be sure to take your time and listen to what you really want before acting on it. Follow your feelings rather than just going with the flow, and you'll be fine.

Is it normal to have a crush on two people?

Of course, it is possible to have powerful feelings for two individuals at the same time without ever dating or being in a relationship with either, but in the majority of situations, that is most likely a strong crush masquerading as love rather than the genuine thing. The world we live in is full of pairs-bonds and couples who have been together for years even though they seem like two separate entities. Sometimes these bonds form because of friendship, romance, or even marriage before either party has felt ready for such an intense involvement.

It is natural to be attracted to both men and women, but if you are feeling uncomfortable or jealous when your boyfriend or girlfriend is around another person, then they are still very much objects in your life and you should not do anything to jeopardize this situation.

If you are wondering if it is normal to have a crush on multiple people at once, then the answer is yes, it is perfectly normal to have some degree of interest in more than one person at a time. In fact, it is considered healthy for a man to feel attracted to many women at once, as long as he is able to keep his desires under control. For women, feeling attractive toward several men at once is common as well, although having a complete obsession with just one individual is not recommended unless you want help getting over him or her.

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