Are Troy and Gabriella still in a relationship?

Are Troy and Gabriella still in a relationship?

Later, the Wildcats all gather to the golf course to watch the fireworks, and as their pals dance about in the sprinklers, Troy and Gabriella enjoy a lengthy kiss, boyfriend and girlfriend once more. Troy and Gabriella are still dating near the conclusion of their senior year and appear to be quite serious about their relationship. However, due to the nature of their family, they may have to break up later this season to allow for more screen time between them.

Troy Bolton is one of my favorite characters on television and I'm glad that he has found a place where he can be himself and not be afraid what people will think of him. He doesn't fit into any category and that is why we love him so much!

How are Troy and Gabriella still a couple?

Troy and Gabriella are still together by the end of the second film. When summer arrives, Troy finds work for the Wildcats. Though everything seemed to be going well at first, he ultimately loses the trust of all the wildcats, including Gabriella. After this incident, she breaks up with him.

However, they reunite by the end of the third film where it is revealed that Gabriella is now married to Troy's friend, Justin, who was also blinded in the accident that killed his parents. She later gives birth to their son, Thomas. Later on in the movie, it is revealed that Gabriella has become an assistant coach for the Wildcats.

Now, these two movies are based on the novel "The Wild" by John Green. The plot follows two friends who go on a trip together and get caught in some dangerous situations involving animals.

Here is the thing about movies. They can make any story seem possible. So even though we know that Troy and Gabriella will eventually break up, we still want them to stay together because we believe that they can overcome any problem or situation that comes their way.

As for what happens after the movies? Well, in the fourth book of the series, it is revealed that Gabriella has been diagnosed with leukemia. However, she fights hard and manages to survive.

Did Troy and Gabriella break up in High School Musical 3?

Another fantastic part of this ending is how Gabriella does not sacrifice her academic and professional goals in order to stay with her high school boyfriend. She and Troy do not split up at the end of the film, but neither of them makes any compromises to stay together in college. It's clear that they have very different plans for their future lives.

Also worth mentioning is that this is one of several endings to the trilogy that does not involve a wedding ceremony.

In conclusion, this is another happy ending for everyone involved in the movie. Gabriella and Troy both find themselves in love with other people, but it doesn't matter because they're going to keep seeing each other as friends anyway. This ending shows that you can't depend on anyone else to meet your needs. You have to be willing to move on if the person doesn't want you anymore. Even though Gabriella and Troy don't end up together, they still have a good time together in Mexico while listening to "We Are Young" by francesca margaritelli.

Do Troy and Britta get back together?

They have a few moments together, including a kiss, during their second year together. Britta begins to reciprocate Troy's sentiments in their third year of high school after learning the depth of his devotion for her. By their senior year, the two were dating, but they eventually chose to split up. However, this decision is later reversed when Britta decides to leave Pennsylvania to follow her dream of being a dancer.

Troy would go on to date several other girls over the years, including a cheerleader named Chelsea who appeared in "The Spirit of '76".

Britta became a successful dance artist who traveled around the world performing her own style of jazz. She also has two children named Hunter and Lila with her husband, Jeff Bogard. They are still married today in the real world even though she left him at the end of their last season of V-Jump.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, an alternate version of Britta appears as one of the main characters. Here, she lives with her family in a small town in Sweden and is friends with Yuma Kazami. When the series starts, she has just entered the World Championship Tournament with the goal of becoming the new Dance Master. Her specialty technique is called "Dance Inferno", which destroys all opponents' cards with one attack. After losing to Yuma in their first match, she realizes that she needs to improve her skills if she wants to win.

Do Troy and Gabriella get back together in HSM3?

Of course, you know how the rest of the tale goes: they end up dating by the end of the first movie, break up in the second, reconnect and enroll in adjacent universities so they can be together in the third. Awww! Troy and Gabriella would be 26 or 27 years old today, which is incredible. They still look great.

Troy Bolton went on to have a very successful career as a soccer player after graduating from High School. He was drafted number one overall by the Boston Breakers in the 2008 MLS SuperDraft and played with them for three seasons before moving to Paris Saint-Germain FC. There he won two consecutive Ligue 1 titles before joining Turkish club Beşiktaş J.K. this past January. He has been called the best American player never to win the World Cup.

Gabriella Montez became a pediatric surgeon when she finished college. She currently lives in Los Angeles where she practices surgery at one of the largest children's hospitals in the country. She also writes books for teenagers about her experiences with cancer.

Here are their current occupations: Troy plays soccer in the MLS and coaches youth players in Boston while studying to become a sports agent. Gabriella works at UCLA Medical Center performing surgeries on young patients who have been hurt in accidents like Troy was when he was younger.

It sure looks like they're going to get back together again at the end of HSM3!

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