How did Eros come to love Psyche?

How did Eros come to love Psyche?

Eros and Psyche Psyche was one of three sisters who served as princesses in a Grecian state. Invisibly, he sprinkled a concoction on the sleeping Psyche that would make men shun her when it came to marriage. He accidentally pierced her with one of his arrows (which instantly makes someone fall in love), and she jerked awake. Seeing her beauty, Eros tried to shoot himself with another arrow, but it turned out to be a mortal wound. Dying, he asked that Psyche take his heart as burial goods.

In other words, Eros loved Psyche because she was beautiful, and he wanted to marry her. But since she was invisible, he could not tell anyone about his feelings until they were too late for others. Also, he knew that if he actually told her how he felt, she would never agree to marry him because she was already married to someone else (Zeus).

Why does this story matter today?

This mythological story is important because it shows that even though we may not be able to control our lives, we can control what happens to us after we die. We are all born alone, and we will all die alone. But thanks to stories like this one, we know that there is something more than just life after death, there is love after death!

What is the story between Eros and Psyche?

Psyche was one of three sisters who served as princesses in a Grecian state. So she called her son, Eros, and instructed him to cast a curse on Psyche. Eros, ever dutiful, flew down to Earth carrying two bottles of remedies. Fortunately, her brother-in-law, Zethus, saw what had happened and took Psyche away from Eros' reach. Later, Eros revealed himself to Psyche and they fell madly in love.

There are many versions of how their relationship ended but most agree that either Eros was banished by his parents or that he went wandering off into space. Either way, Psyche was left alone in life. She made her home with her sister Aglaia until they were found by Persephone, who married them to two of Zeus' servants, Acacousmene and Iasius. Iasius was kind enough to let Psyche go during his term as king but Acacousmene refused. He was replaced by another servant named Thersilochus who also allowed Psyche to go. After many trials, she was finally granted permission to go look for her true love.

Now, this is where things get a little confusing in the stories. Some say that Eros was killed by Zeus while others say he lived out his life in happiness with Psyche.

Why did Eros kill Psyche?

Because she was envious of men's devotion for Psyche, Goddess Aphrodite sent her son, the strong lord of love, Eros, to poison men's souls in order to eliminate their passion for Psyche. Eros, on the other hand, fell in love with Psyche and was fully captivated by her beauty. He wanted to make sure that no one else would find her attractive so he killed him with a deadly serpent's sting. Then he took revenge on those who had rejected him by causing them unbearable pain whenever they looked at or thought about their loved ones.

Eros has been described as the most dangerous creature in the universe because not only does he cause people pain when they think about or look at their loved ones, but also because he can steal your soul through your eyes. If you are seen by someone you love, even if that person cannot feel your gaze, your soul will be stolen away. You will die lonely without anyone loving you anymore.

According to some stories, there is a way to stop Eros from killing people. If you look into his eyes and say his name three times, he will leave everyone alone forever.

But others say this trick only works if you do it before Eros kills his third victim. If you wait too long, you'll never be able to save anyone again.

What was the love story between Psy and Cupid?

The story is about Psyche (/'saIki:/, Greek: Psukhe [phsy:.khe:], "Soul" or "Breath of Life") and Cupid (Latin: Cupido, "Desire") or Amor ("Love," Greek Eros") overcoming barriers to their love, and their eventual union in a sacred marriage. Psyche's father, APHRODITE, gave her away in marriage to Cupid because he feared that if she stayed in home, she would die. But Psyche did not want to marry any man and fled her wedding ceremony with help from HERMES. She took refuge with HERCULES but was still afraid that if she stayed there too long, she would die. So she wandered around looking for a safe place to live until she came across CUPID. He told her that they could be married if she could stand the heat of his arrow when it was fired from his bow. Of course, she agreed.

After their marriage, Cupid told Psyche that they needed to go see the world so he could prove to her that their marriage was real by showing her all the beauty that exists on earth. They traveled throughout the world for several years and saw many amazing things including the sea, mountains, rivers, and many kinds of animals. During these travels, Cupid shot his arrows at everything that he thought might scare or delight Psyche. When they returned home, they found out that their first child had been born: VALENTINE.

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