How did Sakura and Sasuke fall in love?

How did Sakura and Sasuke fall in love?

Sakura first fell in love with Sasuke when she was a child. His features and talents sparked the crush. She grew enamored with him after observing him in class. However, the crush turned illogical when she opted to reject her best friend over him.

As she grew up, Sakura learned that being talented is not all you need to be successful. She also learned that winning isn't always needed to achieve your goals. All you need is courage and confidence to pursue your dreams. On top of that, she discovered that loving someone else is possible. Love has no gender, race, or age limitation.

One day, during a battle with Naruto, Sasuke was defeated and captured by Orochimaru. With his dying breath, Sasuke requested that she find happiness. This prompted Sakura to realize how much she loved him and wanted to live her life with him. So, she went ahead with an eye patch and prosthetic limbs like her beloved used to.

They later married in an arranged marriage to fulfill their families' needs. However, they both loved each other too much to let this stop them from living their lives. So, they broke up the marriage. Later on, they both realized that they didn't need a spouse to be happy. So, they decided to get back together once again.

What was the problem with Sakura and Sasuke?

The issue began with Sakura's superficial crush on Sasuke, who admired him just for his edgy and stylish appearance. Her entire life and ambitions revolved around one person: Sasuke. Despite Sakura's growing love for Sasuke after getting to know him, he continued to drive her away with insults and real efforts to murder her. When she tried to tell him how she felt, he yelled at her for telling lies and told her not to bother coming near him again.

As time went by, their fights became more frequent as well as violent. They started out little but soon grew into large battles that would last for hours at a time. During these fights, which often turned into wars, both of them would bleed heavily from many small cuts all over their bodies. But even with all of this blood being spilled, neither of them would ever show any sign of pain or injury.

Eventually, both of them realized they were hurting each other without even knowing it. So they stopped fighting and decided to be friends instead. This made Sakura feel like she had won and Sasuke feel like he could trust her again. They later became close friends once again and even got married in order for Sasuke to become Hokage.

Sasuke eventually became ill and was given three months to live. He knew that he wouldn't get better unless he moved on with his life and stopped focusing on revenge. So he went ahead and proposed marriage to Sakura again just to show her that he has changed.

How long has Sakura been in love with Sasuke?

Sakura has had a crush on Sasuke since they were little. For a long time, Sasuke did not return the sentiments, but Sakura continued to adore her despite Sasuke's numerous rejections.

When they were 12 years old, their families were forced to move to a new town. This is when Sasu-chan first noticed that Sakura was different from other girls - she showed an interest in things like science and technology. Even so, he still refused to admit how he felt about her until many years later...

One day during summer break, when they were supposed to be going on a trip together with their friends, Sasuke instead went on a mission with his father. When he returned home, he found out that Sakura had secretly gone to his house without telling him. She had written a letter saying that she loved him and wanted to be with him forever.

This made Sasuke realize how much he cared for her and they began to date covertly. However, when they were almost caught by their parents, they had to break up. But even though they were separated, they remained close friends. Years later, when Sasuke's family moved back to the village, he decided to go visit Sakura. He knew that she would be waiting for him at the end of the road, just like always.

Does Sasuke actually love Sakura?

Yes, Sasuke adores Sakura. As a child, he was too preoccupied with defeating Itachi to pay any attention to her, but the two finally became friends in their late teens. Now that they're grownups, Sasuke is more upfront about his feelings for Sakura. He wants to make sure she knows how he feels because he doesn't want to scare her away.

He also loves her strength of mind and spirit. When she decides to move on with her life and leave Konoha for London, Sasuke is heartbroken. But when she comes back home after several years, he's overjoyed she's still his friend.

Sasuke also respects and appreciates everything she has done for him. When she asks him to go to Madara to help cure her cancer, he does it without question because he knows what a hard decision this will be for her. When she tells him she doesn't have much time left, he takes this opportunity to tell her that he loves her and wants to be with her when she dies.

Finally, Sasuke loves how honest and open she is with him. She never hides her emotions from him even if these emotions are hurt or anger. This makes him feel valued and loved, which is why he tries so hard not to give her reason to hate him.

In short, yes, Sasuke loves Sakura.

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