How do I make my cousin feel sorry for me?

How do I make my cousin feel sorry for me?

Reduce your contact with your cousin. If they want to chat to you for a long time, say something like, "Oh, I need to go to the toilet." Then go. You might also let them see you with other family members or relatives, and whenever they speak to you, keep the interaction brief. They'll soon get the message that you don't need them dumping all of their problems on you.

Your cousin probably doesn't mean to be a burden to you and your family. Try to think of ways that you can help each other out instead of being in conflict with one another. For example, if you have similar interests or hobbies then share these with your cousin. This way you will both enjoy what you are doing and it will make the time fly by.

If you are the only blood relative that they have, then making new friends is going to be harder for them. However, there are many other types of relationships that may not seem important but are very useful to have in life. Your cousin may not understand this yet, but in time, he or she will find people who care about them and want to help them grow up into a healthy adult.

Finally, remember that you cannot force your cousin to love you. But you can show him or her that you respect him or her by leaving certain behaviors behind. This will make your cousin feel important and give him or her the motivation needed to seek other friendships outside of the family.

How can I get closer to my cousin?

Communication is essential for a happy relationship. Talk to your cousins if you want to get along with them. People like it when people show real interest in them. Ask them questions (without being too intrusive), listen carefully to their responses, and tell them about yourself (without oversharing). You might be surprised by how much you learn about someone you've never met before.

It's also important to remember that not everyone thinks and feels the same way you do. So if you have different opinions on certain topics then it's okay to say so without arguing or judging each other.

Finally, take time out of your busy schedule to go see your cousins. They may live far away, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't spend time with them. Take them out for dinner once in a while or visit them at their place. The more connected you are, the better you'll understand them and they will feel the same way about you.

Relationships are very important in life. Whether they be family relationships, friendships, or even romantic ties, they all need attention and love to survive. Try some of these ideas to help strengthen your connections with those around you.

How do I get my cousin out of my house?

What can I do to keep my relatives out of my room? Inform them that you do not want them in your room, especially if you are not present. If all they want is your attention, try to spend some time with them outside of your room. When they barge in, quickly march them out and do something with them in another room. Tell them that you will let them back in once you have had time to process everything.

Your cousin has mental issues so this will not be an easy task but you should not be forced to stay with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. You need to take care of yourself and do what makes you happy. Your health and happiness should come first. If you do not want to see your cousin any more, it is best to cut ties completely. Do not give him or her your energy by arguing about something that does not matter.

Mental illness cannot be cured but there are many types of therapy that can help reduce symptoms and prevent future episodes. Your cousin may be able to attend counseling sessions with you or a therapist could visit them at their home. It is important to find a treatment plan that works for both of you.

If your family members do not understand why you want to get rid of your cousin/s, tell them about the issues that you fear will arise if you stay together. Explain that you do not want to be responsible for anything that might happen to him or her.

How do you shut up your cousin?

Reroute the circumstance.

  1. Create a gentle pause in the situation or conversation. Say something like, “Hey, I have a question.” Then wait a couple of beats before starting.
  2. Acknowledge the thing your cousin is doing. Don’t bring attention to the fact that it is annoying, instead be matter of fact about it.

How do you treat your cousin?

Be courteous and adaptable. Make your cousin feel at ease and calm while you converse or spend time together. Respecting them and being adaptable in your own conduct can help you earn their trust and make them like you more. Your cousin's opinions and values may differ from yours. Understand that about them.

Don't be surprised if they don't agree with everything you say. Don't take it personally; just keep an open mind and a loving heart.

They may not want to talk to you some days, but that doesn't mean they don't love you. Don't force the issue by texting or calling too often. Give them time to process what happened before trying again later.

In addition to talking with your cousin, write them letters telling them how you feel. Remind them that you are related by blood and express your thoughts and feelings toward them freely.

Send photos of yourself together to show them how much you care. This will make them feel good about themselves and their relationship with you.

Have fun together! If you enjoy each other's company, then spending time together is easy. You won't need many words to have a good time.

However, if you find that you struggle to maintain relationships with family members, then consider seeking help from a counselor.

What should I do if my cousin teases me?

If your cousin is taunting you or doing anything bothersome, let them know you'd prefer them to stop. Say it directly so there's no confusion about what you want them to do. When you beg them to stop, keep your voice calm and avoid shouting. If they don't then tell another adult (e.g. a parent, guardian or teacher at school). Hopefully they'll understand that teasing you is not right and stop doing it.

Teasing can be very hurtful and can cause serious problems in the long run. If your cousin doesn't stop then you might want to think about telling an adult about the situation. They could take action against your cousin if they've been teased too.

What should I do if my cousin makes fun of me?

Take a stand. If your cousin teases you, makes fun of you, mocks you, embarrasses you, or even makes a derogatory remark about you, simply ignore it and pretend as if you didn't hear what he/she said. Also, behave as though you are unconcerned about what others say about you. This will teach your cousin not to mess with you again.

Tell an adult. If your cousin continues to make fun of you, then tell an adult (such as a parent, guardian, or teacher) what's happening. Make sure to give the details of what happened and also explain that you want this person to help stop your cousin from teasing you.

File a complaint. If your cousin continues to make fun of you, then file a complaint with your local police department or office of civil rights. Let them know that you want this behavior to stop so they can take action.

Stop talking to your cousin. If your cousin continues to make fun of you, then stop talking to him/her. This will show him/her that his/her actions have consequences. As long as your cousin is harassing you, then you cannot be friends with him/her.

Repeat these steps whenever your cousin insults you or makes fun of you. With time, this bully will learn that he/she cannot hurt you anymore because you will no longer allow it to happen.

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