How do I marry a Mexican?

How do I marry a Mexican?

Permits from the Mexican National Migration Institute: Foreigners who want to marry a Mexican must first get a permission from the Mexican National Migration Institute. Four witnesses should be presented: The bride and groom must be accompanied by four witnesses (2 each) who must attend the legal ceremony. The witnesses will need to have their ID's ready for inspection by migration officials.

The wedding must take place at a church or other religious building, and if there is no priest available, a notary public can perform the service. If you plan to return to Mexico after your marriage, you must submit a declaration stating that you are free to enter into another marital relationship without violating any law of Mexico. A copy of this document must be given to the immigration officer when you re-enter the country.

You can find more information about getting married in Mexico on the Ministry of Interior's website.

How do you get legally married in Mexico?

Citizens must have a valid passport and their tourist or resident permits must be up to date with Mexican Immigration Authorities; you must also obtain a marriage permission from Mexican Immigration. The marriage can be performed at the Civil Registry Office if all of the preceding prerequisites have been met. If not, there are many wedding venues in Mexico City where you can hold your ceremony.

The process is simple and free if you are living in Mexico City. You will need to go to the Municipality where you reside and file some documents. After this, you should go to a registry office where they will charge you some money (around $100) for the service. They will take care of everything else: finding an official who can perform the marriage, printing some forms, etc.

You should file your papers at the Municipality where you live by following these steps:

1. Go to the Municipality website ( and click on "Registro de Personas".

2. In the next page, click on "Nueva Maritalidad".

3. Fill out the form and pay the fee ($100 for Mexicans).

Do you need a permit to get married in Mexico?

For further information, contact the local state authorities or your wedding coordinator. So far, the standards have presumed that a foreigner will marry a foreigner in Mexico. If you intend to marry a Mexican national in Mexico, you may need to apply for a marriage permit. The rules are usually clear from direct communication with the appropriate authority.

In general, if there is no prohibition against marrying members of the same family, then it's allowed. However, if one of the spouses is under 18, then both must give their consent for the marriage to take place. The parents of the bride must also give their permission for the marriage to go ahead. In some states, it is required by law that at least one parent be present at the marriage ceremony. The presence of another person (such as a spouse or partner) instead constitutes an illegal arrangement known as "platillo" or "platonic love."

It's important to remember that while divorce laws do exist in most parts of Mexico, they are not applied equally to everyone. For example, if a husband and wife cannot agree on a settlement, then the matter can be taken to court by either party. This means that even if one spouse does not want to divorce the other, legal separation will still be granted if enough pressure is put up by the divorced person or people.

In conclusion, yes, you need a permit to get married in Mexico.

Can I get married in Mexico if I’m a U.S. citizen?

If an American citizen wishes to marry in Mexico, he or she must abide by all Mexican norms and laws. U.S. nationals must have a valid passport and their tourist or resident permits must be up to date with Mexican Immigration Authorities; you must also acquire a marriage permission from Mexican Immigration. If any of these requirements are not met, the marriage will not be legal.

The cost of getting married in Mexico is about $60 for adults and $15-20 for children. You should plan on spending around $120-150 total ($60 for the license and $70-80 for the ceremony).

In addition to having to get married in Mexico, American citizens must file a form with the nearest American Consulate stating that they intend to get married and include both names as well as proof of identity (such as a photo ID) for each person being married. The form can be found online at

Mexican law requires that marriages be formalized by a civil ceremony held by a licensed civil authority. This could be a mayor's office, city hall, or provincial capital where such ceremonies are held daily. They can also be held by a religious leader of a church who has been granted this privilege by the local bishop.

Do you need a marriage permit in Mexico?

If you intend to marry or divorce a Mexican national, you must obtain a permit from Immigration. This authorization is not needed if you marry another foreigner, but it is required if you divorce another foreigner. The process takes about two weeks and costs about $150.

There are three types of marriages permitted under Mexican law: religious, civil, and commercial. A religious marriage requires an official from the church where the wedding ceremony is held to perform the rites and declare the couple married. A civil marriage can be performed by any licensed minister of any religion or no religion at all. A commercial marriage is similar to a civil marriage except that it does not require the presence of a judge or notary public. Instead, it can be done over the internet with a cost of about $100.

What happens if there is no one authorized to issue marriage permits? In this case, you must go to the nearest police station and ask to have a clerk issue you a document. The clerk will charge you about $50 for a license that is valid for one year.

Are there any restrictions on who can get married in Mexico? No, anyone can get married in Mexico as long as you do not belong to a minority group (i.e., blacks, Asians, or Indians).

How can I marry someone in Mexico?

You do not have to be a Mexican resident to marry there. With a passport, a tourist visa, and a minimal amount of paperwork, two foreigners can marry in the nation. If you want to marry a Mexican resident or citizen, you may be required to get a foreign marriage permit. The process requires that you go to a civil registry office where you will be asked to provide evidence of your identity and relationship before issuing one copy of the permit.

Who can marry in Mexico?

In Mexico, only couples who are able to prove their identity and relationship status can marry. This means that only heterosexual couples and same-sex couples who are married under the law of another country can marry in Mexico. Illegal immigrants cannot marry in Mexico because they might not be eligible for citizenship here. Similarly, those who claim to be related but are not actually married (for example, cousins once removed) cannot marry.

What countries allow marriages between citizens?

Almost all countries allow marriages between citizens of those countries without a requirement for residency or other immigration statuses. Some countries with a large number of foreign residents include France, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, South Africa, and Thailand.

Marriages between citizens of different countries are generally not valid in these countries. However, if one spouse is a permanent resident or citizen of the other country then the marriage would be valid.

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