How do you deal with someone who thinks they are better than you?

How do you deal with someone who thinks they are better than you?

Simply say "cool" or "congratulations" and switch the subject. It's great to be appreciative of your friends' expertise if they are actually more educated about a topic than you are, but if they are behaving so superior that they refuse to allow you participate to the debate, you need to speak up for yourself. Otherwise, you might end up feeling humiliated or even resentful toward them.

The best way to deal with this type of person is by being honest with yourself. Are you really better than they are at something? If not, then why should you listen to them any more than anyone else? Even if you aren't as knowledgeable as they are, there are still many things you can learn from others. So instead of arguing with them, try to understand where they are coming from. Maybe they have been hurt in the past and are trying to protect themselves by making sure they don't get involved with anyone else.

Once you understand their side of the story, you will be able to respond much more effectively. You could also ask them to explain what they mean when they say certain things, which would help you both understand each other better.

Finally, remember that everyone deals with relationships differently. Some people may find comfort in having discussions like these with friends or family members, while others need to be on their own to process these types of emotions.

How do you talk to a prideful person?

Sometimes the easiest approach to cope with a prideful individual is to appear to agree with them. Use the "yeah, but" technique to begin a topic you'd want to discuss. "I agree that we can be more productive," for example, "but it would be nice if the databases were less cumbersome."

If this strategy doesn't work, try to find common ground. "I know we're both proud individuals, so maybe we could compare notes on our experiences?" Or simply change the subject.

Pride can be a touchy subject. If you are trying to communicate with a prideful person and don't want the conversation to be dominated by references to pride, then it may be best not to have this discussion.

How do you deal with a contrarian person?

In the moment, tell the person how it makes you feel when they try to override your opinion or feelings on an issue. "Say to them, 'When you say that, it makes me feel ___,'" Smith said. Ask them to respect how you feel by not taking such a confrontational approach when talking to you.

In time, this type of behavior will stop, and you should be able to keep your cool around them. If it doesn't, look at what you're dealing with personally—is it someone who is insecure about themselves or their opinions? Are they trying to make up for some sort of lack in their life? These are all things you need to think about before reacting.

How do you deal with someone saying bad things about you?

Though you may be inclined to act out or confront the individual, ignoring the chatter is sometimes the best answer. Contemplate this: the individual did not consider uttering what they said to your face. Don't give them the option of going any farther. Stop the negative train by ignoring it altogether.

If you can't ignore them, then go ahead and talk back. It's better to lose some friends than have them affect your mood negatively. However, if what they are saying about you is true, consider whether or not you want to risk making things worse. If so, then speak up!

Finally, if what they are saying about you is indeed false, let them know immediately. You wouldn't want a friend to think badly of you when you could easily correct the situation.

In conclusion, learn how to deal with people saying bad things about you. Remember that silence is acceptance, so stop letting them get to you!

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