Is it bad to ask a girl for her number?

Is it bad to ask a girl for her number?

It's difficult enough to talk to a female without having to deal with the complexity of follow-up, yet many guys make the same blunders when it comes to gaining a girl's phone number: On the one hand, there's the man who has a good time with a female at a bar or club but is too shy to ask for her phone number. On the other hand, there's the guy who asks for her number right away and then seems desperate or inappropriate. It's best to take your time and learn how to talk to girls without being overbearing.

For most women, a simple "thank you" and a smile are sufficient, but some girls like them sweet and funny. In that case, you should know how to say something nice. Look her in the eye when you speak to her, and don't be afraid to show your affection. Women love it when you can tell they're attractive to you beyond just physical appearance.

Now that you know how to talk to girls, you need to learn how to ask them out properly. Start by picking out specific qualities you like about her - perhaps her smile or sense of humor. Then, express these ideas eloquently through words instead of just giving her your heart on a platter. When you do so, she'll definitely feel special and you'll have a better chance of getting her phone number.

After you've been talking to a girl for a while, you may find that you have things in common with her.

When to ask a guy for his number?

If a male believes a lady is interested in him, he is more likely to ask for her phone number at the conclusion of the conversation. We do know that most ladies in such situations play hard to get. If you truly want to be on the safe side, show interest in a guy who shows interest in you. [Read: Playing hard to get with a guy is futile].

Aside from the famous "napkin trick" or explicitly asking him for his number, there are a variety of ways to ask for a guy's number without being obvious, but it is still tough and perhaps dangerous if you do it.

How do you secretly get a girl’s number?

What Is the Best Way to Get a Girl's Phone Number?

  1. Wait for a High Point. A big mistake that a lot of men make when it comes time to close is that they ask for her number just as they’re getting ready to leave.
  2. Tell Her You Need Her Number.
  3. Hand Her Your Phone.
  4. Text Her Immediately.
  5. BONUS: Rattle Off Date Ideas.

Can you keep a girl’s phone number after meeting her?

There's no reason why you shouldn't be allowed to contact a female you like after meeting her. And after reading this article and acting on its suggestions today, you'll understand why—and remembering phone numbers will be a snap. Phone numbers aren't that important. Nothing is a huge deal... or, at least, it shouldn't be.

The more you communicate with someone, the less likely it is you'll ever see them again. So, if you want to keep a girl's phone number long-term, you have to be prepared to talk to her often. Call, text, email—something! You should also spend some time together without talking so you can get to know each other better. Then, when you do talk, you're not just giving her a list of questions to answer, but you're also getting to know the real her. This is important because it means there's a chance you might actually like what you hear instead of just thinking about what you wanted to ask.

It's all about being honest with yourself and others. If you don't want to keep a girl's phone number long-term, then tell her from the start. Don't be sneaky about it. She deserves to know what kind of relationship she's getting into with you.

And if you DO want to keep her number... good for you! The more interest you show in someone, the more chances they will give you their number.

Is it scary to ask for a girl’s number?

BUT, if you had a fairly quick meeting with someone in person, you messed up the part where you acquire her number, and you want to be better prepared for the next time, I'll leave the original post (with a few tweaks) below. It's nerve-racking to ask for a girl's phone number. But it's even more nerve-racking not to get it.

Asking for a girl's number is hard because there are so many ways it can go wrong. You can say something stupid, or come off as a dork. She could give you her number and then never call you!

But asking for a date is also difficult because you don't know how she's going to react. If she says no, that's that. But if she says yes, then you have to follow through. That means you need to take her out on a date that she will actually agree to. And since most girls like to play hard to get, this can cause some problems with your self-esteem.

Of course, there are other ways of going about this problem. You can always just start a conversation with someone you find interesting and see what happens from there. Or you can send her a message on Facebook/Twitter/Texting etc. This is easier than asking someone for their number outright, but it still has its risks - such as her saying no, or him ignoring you.

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