Is it legal to have two wives in South Africa?

Is it legal to have two wives in South Africa?

All polygamous marriages carried into in line with the stipulations of the Act Recognizing Customary Marriages are lawful. If the husband of an existing customary marriage wishes to marry a second wife, he must file an application with a competent court to make such a marriage legal. As a result, former President Jacob Zuma now has four legally recognized spouses.

In addition, section 19 of the Marriage Act states that a person cannot be convicted of polygamy on the basis of more than one spouse testifying against him or her. The law does not require all spouses to be married to the same man for them to testify in favor of a conviction for polygamy.

Thus, it is not necessary for all spouses to be married to the same man for them to testify against a defendant who is being charged with polygamy. If the police believe that there is sufficient evidence to charge the defendant with polygamy, they can do so even if some spouses did not appear as witnesses.

However, if any spouse was born out of wedlock, none of those spouses can testify against the defendant in court unless they each sign a declaration confirming the nature of their relationship with the defendant.

Section 19 also states that a person cannot be convicted of polygamy on the basis of his or her own testimony alone. Thus, even if one spouse testifies against another spouse who is charged with polygamy, the defendant cannot be found guilty based solely on this testimony.

Is it legal to have more than one wife in a country?

The number of lawful spouses relies not on the number of countries, but on where you live, marry, and your religious affiliation. Polygamy is prohibited in the majority of nations throughout the world. Here's a useful map showing nations where polygamy (one husband and numerous wives) is permitted (light blue). There are also several dark blue areas on this map that indicate polygamists can practice their religion there.

In most states or provinces where polygamy is legal, only certain religions are allowed to practice it: Islam, Mormonism, and some branches of Protestantism. Your spouse could be a polygamist and live with his or her other families while still being married to you. In fact, in some cases, this is how dual marriages work.

If one of these other families wants to divorce the original husband or wife, this can be done. The other spouse would then be free to marry someone else. When two people from different societies get married, they often bring their own customs into the marriage. For example, a polygamist might want his or her new wife to accept another wife. This shows that he or she trusts the new spouse not to enter into another marriage for himself or herself.

It's important to understand that although polygamy is permitted in some countries and regions, this does not mean that it is accepted by everyone.

Where is it legal to have two wives?

Polygamy's legal status varies greatly over the world. Polygyny is permitted in 58 of the world's roughly 200 sovereign states, the great majority of which are Muslim-dominated nations in Africa and Asia. Allowing polygamy

Polygamous unionPolygamous civil marriage
Upper HouseYesProposed
Lower HouseYes

Is it illegal to have two wives in Japan?

In Japan, polygamy is prohibited, but one guy and his two "wife" are publicly enjoying their best lives with six children. In Kalimantan, Indonesia, a man just married both of his girlfriends.

Is it legal to have more than one wife in Malaysia?

If you married before 1982, it is still lawful for non-Muslims to have more than one wife. Image courtesy of the Huffington Post. Polygamy among non-Muslims is no longer legally sanctioned in Malaysia. It was, nonetheless, widespread practice not long ago. The number of wives permitted by law is only ten.

In Islam, having more than one wife at a time is allowed under certain conditions. A man must be able to support all his wives adequately. They should also be of equal age and come from within the same religious community. Divorce is easy to obtain in Malaysia; therefore, it is unlikely that a man would find himself in an impossible situation with regards to providing for his family.

The condition of being Muslim is required by law for any marriage to be valid in Malaysia. However, many people in Malaysia practice some form of Hinduism or Buddhism without rejecting Islam entirely. As such, it is possible for them to marry within their own religion as long as they accept Muhammad as the last prophet of God.

It is difficult to estimate how many polygamous marriages take place in Malaysia since there are no reliable statistics available. However, it is known that this type of marriage has been common for quite some time now.

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