Is it OK to still love your ex after a breakup?

Is it OK to still love your ex after a breakup?

Is it okay to still have feelings for your ex? Yes. It is very natural to continue to love (or have feelings for) someone you genuinely loved after the relationship has ended. It takes time to recover after a breakup. Some folks take longer than others, which is OK. There are two types of people after a breakup: those who stay together in their minds forever and those who move on.

Holding onto past relationships doesn't do anyone any good. If you still think about him or her every day and feel sad when you think about them, then you should probably get over it. However, if you still want him or her in your life, but not as a partner, that's fine too. Keep in mind that everyone has changed since they last saw you. Remember that you only get one shot at happiness, so don't waste your time on losers who won't commit.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with where you stand with regard to each other. If you're not sure if you should hold on to your ex or not, talk things through with a friend or family member. Sometimes we know what we want, but can't admit it because we're not sure how our exes will react. The more aware you are of your own needs, desires, and boundaries, the better off you'll be after a breakup.

Is it OK to still have feelings for an ex?

It's very natural to still adore your ex, even after a split. That said, it's still terrible, and we sympathize with your situation. Try any of these methods to stop thinking about someone if you just need to get your ex off your mind.

Why do I still love my ex after 2 years?

Is it normal to still have feelings for your ex after two years? For some people, having residual feelings for an ex after two or more years is natural. If the relationship is genuinely gone and neither of you is doing anything to help the other believe in reconciliation, these sentiments will likely dissipate with time. However, if you are still loving your ex even though you've moved on, then there's a good chance that something else is going on.

The truth is that everyone has feelings for someone they once loved. Even if you broke up with someone years ago, you're still feeling various emotions towards them. You may feel regret for ending things, wonder what might have happened if you stayed together, or perhaps you simply miss the old you when she/he was around. These are all normal reactions to love lost and not taking any chances with your heart could lead to pain down the road.

If you still love your ex, tell him/her how you feel without waiting for a reply. Don't hold back because you think he/she doesn't want to be healed. Although he/she may not say anything, that doesn't mean they don't feel the same way about you. Showing your ex that you still care will make him/her feel important and can help mend broken hearts faster.

Don't expect your ex to contact you first. It's normal to hope that someone you love wants to reconnect but this rarely happens.

Is it bad to tell your ex you still love them?

Is It Okay To Tell Your Ex That You Still Love Them? It's natural to still love your ex after a split because they were a part of your life, and expressing them that you still love them might bring some closure if your ex is receptive to hearing your views or even confessing how he or she feels. However, it's not recommended to tell an ex that you still love him or her because it could be interpreted as you wanting to get back together which isn't the case.

If you do want to tell someone that you still love him or her, it's best to be straight with individuals about what you're feeling. Don't expect your ex to read your mind and should you need to say something, now is the time to do so.

Tell your ex's honestly that you still love them and see them as your ex would want you to, without any strings attached or hidden intentions. This way, there's no room for misinterpretation.

As mentioned, it's best to be honest with yourself and others when it comes to telling someone that you still love him or her. If you don't feel like you can say the words out loud, think them through in your head first before typing them out on a social media site like Facebook.

Why do I feel like I still love my ex?

Thinking about your ex on a regular basis is a natural reaction to a split, especially if you have a significant relationship with the individual. It's natural to miss your ex and recall the good moments you had with them. Recognizing and treating your feelings is an important part of maintaining healthy mental health.

If you find yourself missing your ex even months or years after the breakup, it may be time to consider whether you should contact them again. Sometimes rekindling old flames is simply unavoidable, but other times it's best to move on.

Here are some signs that it's time to let go of your ex:

You no longer have fun together - If you're not having fun anymore with your ex, then it's time to cut them out of your life. No matter how hard you try to stay connected with someone, if you aren't enjoying yourself anymore then there's no point in continuing down this path. Follow your heart and do what makes you happy.

They're bad for your health - If you're feeling depressed or anxious around your ex, then it's time to let them go. Relationships are hard work and require two people who are willing to put in the effort. If you can't do this anymore, then perhaps you should focus on relationships that are more suitable for your current state of mind.

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