What makes a person fall in love passionately?

What makes a person fall in love passionately?

Hatfield and Rapson observe that we are drawn to persons who are somewhat attractive, likable, loving, and similar to ourselves. Compatibility is another crucial aspect in transforming passionate love into compassionate love. Persons who are completely opposite to one another can still attract each other if they have some common interests or values. A couple must find ways to bring out the best in each other's personality traits while at the same time reducing their differences.

The authors cite research showing that people fall in love with those who are different from them. They note that although this difference can be something as small as a different political view, it can also be based on gender, culture, religion, or ethnicity. In fact, according to Hatfield and Rapson, every relationship has elements of both similarity and diversity between two people. They believe that if two people are able to accept and appreciate these differences, then they will be able to create a deep connection with one another.

They also mention several studies that show that youth is a major factor in causing someone to fall in love. They believe that this phenomenon is due to genetic factors and the hormones that control our emotions during adolescence.

What does it mean to be passionate about someone?

According to Hatfield, passionate love is "a condition of profound yearning for oneness with another." This form of love is more frequent towards the beginning of a relationship. People in this condition of love have very strong affections for one other. They want to be with each other always, share everything, and never want to let go.

So being passionate about someone means feeling a deep connection with them that goes beyond reason or logic. You feel like they're part of you; like there's nothing they could do or say that would ever make you leave them. That's what being passionate about someone feels like.

Is being passionate about someone good? Yes. Being passionate about something helps you focus on that thing completely, which can only help it. Having a passion makes what you do come easy for you, because you enjoy it or find value in it. It gives your relationship a sense of purpose and drives you both to connect more deeply with one another.

Should you be passionate about everyone? It also allows them to see how much you care about them, which is important when trying to build trust between two people. However, being passionate about everyone is not healthy. It can cause you to worry about their feelings before theirs, which can lead to guilt if they don't return the emotion.

What is passionate love in a relationship?

What Exactly Is Passionate Love? They want to be together always and aren't interested in anything or anyone else.

Passionate love is not just feelings. It's also about actions. You can be in a loving relationship without feeling any passion if you don't do anything that would make your partner feel loved and wanted. However, if you did something special just for your lover, that would show them how much they mean to you, then you would feel passionate about them.

People who are in a passionate love relationship want to be together always. They want to share their entire lives with each other, from beginning to end. No matter what problems might arise, they would still try to work them out because they know that there's no one else out there for them but each other.

In addition, people in a passionate love relationship want to give each other physical pleasure. They might not say anything, but they want to make sure that their partner is satisfied by doing things like making love several times a week, taking long walks together, etc.

Finally, people in a passionate love relationship want to explore new things together.

What does passionate love feel like?

Companionate love may or may not be characterized by the same level of uncontrolled passion, excitement, or obsessive ideas as passionate love. This compassionate type of love, on the other hand, includes sentiments of tenderness, a close link, friendship, and appreciation of the other's company. It is a feeling that grows over time as two people get to know each other well.

Passionate love is an intense emotional attachment that shows the two partners are very much in love. People who are deeply in love experience strong feelings of attraction and desire for the other person. They want to be with this person at all times and will do anything to make their loved one happy. Passionate love can only happen between two people who are ready and willing to give themselves completely to each other.

There are many different types of love. What you call "love" may be another name for something else. For example, friends love each other but it's not the same as what you feel for your lover. Love is a complex emotion that can not be explained in simple terms. The best way to understand it is by experiencing it yourself.

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