What makes Missouri a good place to get married?

What makes Missouri a good place to get married?

Missouri is full with magnificent natural beauty, including the majesty of the state's flower and tree, the hawthorn and dogwood. Missouri provides traditional elegance and rustic style for couples from all walks of life, with vast open plains and more than its fair share of country charm and hospitable folk. The heart of Missouri is rich in history and culture, with cities such as St Louis, Kansas City and Moab offering the perfect combination of modern amenities with a touch of tradition.

In addition to its natural beauty and urban centers, Missouri has many great locations for marriage ceremonies, including the following: Liberty Memorial in Liberty, Missouri; Oakland Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri; Riverview Park in Cape Girardeau, Missouri; and Washington Square in St Louis, Missouri.

There are several reasons why Missouri is a great place to get married. First of all, it is my home state and I'm very familiar with how beautiful our location is. Also, Missouri has everything from urban centers to rural settings, so couples can find exactly what they're looking for when planning their wedding day. Last, but not least, we have an amazing selection of unique locations where you can exchange your vows.

If you are considering getting married in Missouri, please contact one of our offices for information on fees, availability, and requirements for marriage licenses.

What makes Kansas a good place to get married?

Kansas is a lovely state with fascinating architecture and a never-ending expanse of lush vegetation and star-lit skies. Couples have a limitless amount of sites to tie the knot and enjoy their new life together, thanks to the natural backdrop and the numerous exquisite settings. From the city streets to the rural highways, Kansas offers many different places where you and your partner can say "I do".

The people of Kansas are friendly and hospitable, which makes them great hosts. You will find a broad variety of cultures across the state, which adds to its beauty. Whether you want a small church ceremony with close friends and family, or a large reception for hundreds, Kansas has it all.

In addition to being home to the University of Kansas, Kansas City Kansas is also a great place to get married. With a population of nearly 100,000 people, this mid-sized city has plenty to offer the aspiring couple looking for a wedding venue. Many cities across the country are growing at an alarming rate, but Kansas City is one of only three that we're aware of that's actually experiencing a decline in population. That means there are less people to invite to your wedding than there used to be!

If you prefer a quiet ceremony with just your closest friends around, then look no further than Kansas.

How many couples are getting married in Missouri?

Before you take that big step, here's some background information on how many couples marry in Missouri, as well as what you can anticipate to pay for common wedding expenditures in Missouri, according to The Knot 2015 Real Weddings Study. So, how many marriages are taking place in Missouri? As of 2014, approximately 740,000 marriages were expected to occur in the state that year.

Missouri has been called the "Bride State" because of its important role in marrying couples who live there. Also known as the "Show Me State," Missouri is so popular with tourists that it has become a hub for the wedding business. If you get married in Missouri, you will probably spend less than $20,000 (as of 2013) on your wedding.

Marriage licenses are free in Missouri and take only 30 minutes to complete. Applicants must provide proof of identity and residence, and either one of them can answer "yes" or "no" when asked if they're married. If both individuals answer no, then the license is denied. If one person answers yes, then the other person's status becomes "unknown." When someone's marital status changes after applying for the license, they must apply again to renew it.

In Missouri, you can marry anywhere that serves food, regardless of whether that location is licensed by the government. This means that anyone who owns or operates a restaurant or cafe can perform weddings.

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