Why did Josh turn into a Wendigo?

Why did Josh turn into a Wendigo?

He was an insane dog. He recognized Hannah again, or he recognized her and made a mental link. So he becomes a wendigo himself, and they're reunited as a bro/sister family. Really, it's what he's always desired. To eat human flesh.

Josh had no choice in the matter. His brain was being controlled by another entity - a thing that had taken on a mind of its own. It wasn't really conscious in the way we think of consciousness; more like a robot that knows exactly what to do. This thing told Josh that if he loved Hannah enough, he would eat anything she cooked for him. Even each other if necessary. And so he turned on her.

Hannah tried to fight back, but she was no match for Josh. He beat her up, then ate her until there was nothing left but bones.

After that, he went looking for more humans to eat. The only way to stop him is with your heart (or rather, your soul). If you love someone deeply, even if they've done wrong by you, they will be safe from Josh. He can only be killed by someone who doesn't care about him anymore. Such as one of his own kind.

Can you save Josh from becoming a Wendigo?

No, he cannot murder anyone. I suppose he becomes a Wendigo by eating the head of the Flamethrower man, which Hannah gives him. There is no other way to save him.

Wendigos are creatures found in Native American folklore. They are half human and half beast; usually a wolf's body with a human's head. A Wendigo can be created by eating the remains of a deceased person. When this happens, the creator will become a Wendigo themselves.

In the book, we learn that there are two ways to kill a Wendigo: decapitation or burning it alive. If you do not kill it, it will kill you first because its goal is to eat as much human flesh as possible before it dies.

In conclusion, no, you cannot save Josh from becoming a Wendigo.

Why did Andi and Josh break up?

Six months after the show aired, the former couple called it quits. Dorfman accused Murray of being emotionally abusive in her memoir, It's Not Okay, which he disputed. She also mentioned the former baseball player's struggle to come to terms with the reality that she slept with Viall while filming the show.

Andi and Josh both came into the show looking for a relationship but were surprised by what they found on camera. They were both open to trying something new and breaking old patterns, so when it came time to decide on partners, they went with their hearts rather than their heads. However, their relationships were still very much based on appearances and luck rather than true love. When all was said and done, Josh was given away at the altar and Andi had a front-row seat as her ex-boyfriend received many gifts from other women.

They met on Season 6 of the show when Josh visited Andi at the Palace Hotel where she worked as a cocktail waitress. He was immediately attracted to her beautiful face and sweet demeanor and they seemed to have a lot in common including a love for sports. Andi was also impressed with his career as a baseball player and they formed a connection right away.

However, there was one major issue between them: Andi was already involved with another man named Dave. She had been dating him for several months before she even met Josh and he didn't know anything about him until much later.

Who played college Josh on friends?

Josh is a man. Rachel dates in order to retaliate against Ross for dating Amanda. Brian Smith played him in "The One With Joey's New Girlfriend." He's in two other episodes as well.

Now, about Josh... He's a physical therapist who lives with his parents and has a sister named Amy. His favorite movie is The Breakfast Club and he hates penguins.

He first appeared on Rachel's date list after she saw him chatting up another girl at the gym. She made her way over to talk to him but didn't think he'd take her seriously since he was talking to someone else. When he found out who she was, he asked if they could go out sometime and she said yes. After that episode aired, people started sending letters to Josh asking him out. He decided not to send anyone back because he didn't want to hurt their feelings but he did write down some names of movies he likes and what days of the week they work.

Here are those names: The Princess Bride, Good Will Hunting, A Bug's Life, Toy Story, The Flintstones, The Incredibles, Monsters Inc., The Lego Movie, and Despicable Me.

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