Why does he ask if I am seeing someone?

Why does he ask if I am seeing someone?

1. He likes you and wants to know whether you are dating someone else, therefore he does not express his feelings for you if he knows you are dating someone else. Nobody enjoys being rejected. However, it is better to be rejected by someone you like than by someone you don't like- this way, you will not feel humiliated.

2. If he asks you this question but can wait for an answer, then he probably wants to make sure that you are not already involved with another person. If the other person finds out about your relationship, then there would be some conflict of interest and therefore no point in asking this question.

3. If he asks you this question but cannot wait for an answer, then he is probably trying to find out how far you are willing to go in order to keep the relationship going. If you say yes, then he will most likely continue to see you. If you say no, then he will probably stop calling you or contacting you first before leaving you alone again.

4. Finally, if he asks you this question but gets angry when you tell him "no", then he is probably a bad guy and should be avoided at all costs.

In any case, never reply to this question with "yes" because this will only make him want you more.

Why does he seem interested but doesn’t text?

He appears to be interested, yet he does not text me. It suggests he was thinking about you, missed you, or wanted to chat to you. If he isn't messaging or phoning you, he may be too busy or not use his phone enough, but these are usually simply excuses. He may not want to contact you or may be uninterested.

How Can You Tell If A Guy Likes You But Is Hiding It From You?

  • He never mentions other women to you.
  • He makes sure that you know he’s single.
  • He gets closer to you.
  • He’s always there for you.
  • He’s trying to impress you all of the time.
  • He asks you a lot of questions.
  • He wants to know your relationship status.

What does it mean when a boy is playing with you?

If he's playing you, he doesn't want the rest of the world to know he's seeing you, either because he's seeing someone else or because he wants to keep his options open. For example, while not all males enjoy holding hands, if he truly loves about you, he should want to show you some affection. Playing with you means that he is having fun without necessarily wanting anything serious.

Why would a man play with a girl? There are several reasons why a man might play with a girl. First of all, they could be friends. He might just want to have fun and be with you because you're attractive or funny. If this is the case, then don't take it too seriously. Men can be very flirty with each other outside of a relationship context.

Alternatively, he could be doing one of two things: testing the water or playing hard to get. If he's testing the water, he wants to see how you feel about him before committing to something more serious. This is usually done by him trying to give you feelings of pleasure through physical contact. For example, he might want to know if you like being cuddled or kissed by wrapping his arms around you or kissing you on the cheek. If you react negatively to this type of behavior, then he will probably stop doing these things. On the other hand, if you find these actions pleasant, then he will probably continue doing them.

Finally, he could be playing hard to get.

Why do guys ask if you are dating?

He has a definite motive for asking, whether he wants to date you, a buddy of his wants to date you, he's just being inquisitive, or anything else. He's attempting to learn about your dating patterns and interests without directly asking the question he has in mind. There are several ways for him to find out if you're available party-wise without actually calling you up and asking you direct.

The fact is that most men want to date attractive women, even if they have no intention of taking the relationship further. So if you've got good looks, then why not use it to your advantage by letting men know you're available? Here are some reasons why guys ask if you are dating:

They're trying to set you up. If you've got a boyfriend or are involved with someone, men will often leave you alone. But if an available woman catches his eye, he'll do whatever it takes to get her attention, usually by being quite forward. This could be because he has no interest in you, but rather in getting between you and your boyfriend/husband.

They're just being nosy. Some men enjoy finding out about other people's lives, others wish they could sleep all day. Whatever the reason, if a man asks you a direct question about your dating life, then you can be sure that there's something interesting going on behind your back.

Why is he so mean to me for no reason?

He is beginning to have feelings for someone else. He may not be brave enough to express his feelings for another person, so he will try to push you away by being cruel to you. Another reason he's not treating you well is that he may regard you as an impediment between himself and the other person he likes.

He is afraid that if he showed any affection for you, then you would leave him. So he pushes your feelings away by being rude and refusing to talk to you. He is also trying to tell you without saying it directly that he doesn't want to hurt your feelings.

If you see these signs in a boyfriend or husband, then you should ask yourself whether you are ready to accept him at his current state. If you can't give him a chance now, then you will always regret it. Sometimes we need to walk away from something perfect just to make room for something better. If he isn't right for you now, then you will be able to see this later when you are more mature and responsible. Give your boyfriend or husband a chance to show you how much he loves you by accepting him for who he is now instead of who you think he should be.

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