Why would a guy hide his feelings for you?

Why would a guy hide his feelings for you?

It's most likely because he's bashful or afraid of how he feels. He's afraid of his emotions since he's completely overwhelmed by them. Falling in love changes us totally, and many people (particularly males) are terrified of things over which they have no control. If this is the case with your boyfriend, then he's hiding his true feelings to keep himself together.

If he doesn't feel comfortable showing his feelings yet still wants to be with you, that's very sweet. It means that he values your relationship enough to want to protect it. Try not to take too much offense at his behavior since men can be pretty stupid about these things.

He might also be hiding his feelings from someone else - maybe his family or friends. If he's been through something traumatic such as losing someone close to him, he might not be able to handle feeling sad or happy right now and so would rather stay quiet than risk hurting you or others around him. This is why it's important to be patient with him; give him time to process his feelings before moving on with your life.

Finally, he might just not feel like talking to you. Some people prefer to save their conversations for a more private time or place, and coming home to find you standing outside their door isn't going to get you any further with them.

Why do guys distance themselves when they feel feelings?

He is terrified of his own emotions. The fear of how they feel is maybe the most important reason why guys withdraw early in a relationship. Whether or whether they were actively looking for love when you met them, the emotion of unexpectedly falling in love with someone is fraught with uncertainty. Falling in love makes you vulnerable, and because men are always looking to avoid vulnerability, they will usually avoid feeling even more emotions later on.

The first thing to understand about why guys distance themselves is that it has nothing to do with you. They are not avoiding you, they are just trying to protect themselves from getting hurt again. Even though you may come across as some kind of invincible force of nature, there is still a lot you don't know about relationships. You may have had many relationships before this one, but each time you fell in love you didn't think much about the consequences. Guys who have never been in love before might find your lack of experience intimidating. However, there is no need to be afraid. Just like them, you too will get to learn what does it mean to be in love, and how to respond to these feelings.

There are two types of feelings that guys need to process before they can get back into a relationship. The first type are feelings they want to hide from you so that they don't hurt your feelings. For example, if they feel jealous then they don't want to show it by arguing with you or shutting down.

Why would a guy tell you he loves you and then ignore you?

When a guy tells you he loves you and then ignores you, the gravity of the words or the connection causes him to overthink and panic out. When a man moves quickly and then takes a large step back, it typically indicates that he is emotionally unavailable. Top Reasons Men Disagree: He's emotionally distant. He doesn't want a relationship. He's looking for an escape route.

If a guy tells you he loves you and then ignores you, don't take it personally. He has anxiety about relationships and wants to avoid being hurt again. His lack of interest isn't about you; it's about himself.

He may say he loves you but not be able to commit because he's not ready for a relationship right now. He might also say he loves you but not mean it. Maybe he means it in his head but not be able to convey it to you in words. In this case, he's using the word love as a form of communication. It's up to you to read between the lines to figure out if he really does love you.

He might also tell you he loves you but then ignore you on purpose. For example, if he sees you as a friend but likes talking to you about topics such as deep psychology and religion, he might tell you he loves you just to have something to say.

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